Sommer’s Entire Polish Interview

I cannot vouch for this interview being totally the real words of Rebecca Sommer. I have no way of knowing how trustworthy the web site is. I believe it’s a nationalist anti-Muslim site. But recently, Ms. Sommer gave a much briefer interview in German in which she confirms some specific language in the earlier interview. That will appear at the end of the Polish interview, which now follows in full.

Interview with Rebecca Sommer – reactivation

Last week we included the interview of Natalia Osten-Sacken with Rebecca Sommer *, a German human rights activist who worked for the refugees for years.

Since there were accusations that we were falsifying her statements, attributing her words, which she did not say, the publication was removed from the portal so that the author could check the reliability of our translation. It turned out that Rebecca was intentionally misled, explaining her interview from Polish to German, and the Euroislam portal did not falsify anything. We write about it in a separate text.

Meanwhile, Rebecca Sommer decided to enrich the original version of the interview, mainly by expanding her earlier statements.

Natalia Osten-Sacken .: Rebecca, you’ve worked many years with refugees and immigrants, you’re a well-known human rights activist. Already before the big wave of immigration in 2015, you were a known person fighting for unlimited admission of these people to Germany. What influenced the change of your views?

Rebecca Sommer: I would like to point out that I have never fought for “unlimited” admission of migrants, because it is impossible for any country to take forever. I am a humanist and human rights activist. The first years I believed that people who come here are real refugees, happy that they will be safe now and that they will show a good will to adapt here and to integration. But with time, an unpleasant awakening came about step by step. The reasons for this were so complex that I just could not close my eyes anymore.

For sure, one of the main turning points, as in many of us, was New Year’s Eve 2015 in Cologne. Then I finally had to admit to myself that this behavior suits the crushing majority of Muslims with whom I had to deal with in my life. It was the moment when I said to myself: “Rebecca, now you have to brake, even as an activist dealing with women’s rights, with your responsibility to them as a woman.” I have tried to justify these constantly repeated patterns of behavior and thinking, their way of perceiving the world – which are based on their religion, Islam, and their culture – for example, in such a way that they are new here. I believed that these medieval views would change over time. I placed great trust in our libertarian, equitable European values, and I naively thought that every person must delight in them and take them on.

But after looking back through the years of repetitive experiences and myself in my work environment as a volunteer, I had to admit to myself that when it comes to Muslim refugees, they have grown up with completely different values that they have been passing through brainwashing and are indoctrinated by Islam and have no intention of taking over our values – worse, they look at us, unbelievers with arrogance and arrogance. I call it “headscarf”. And to this, appearing here, many of them fall into the tentacles of fundamental Imams, political Islam (imported from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc.) who strengthen them in their fundamentalism, which prohibits them from mixing with us, infidels, and ours way of life, prohibits the adoption of our perception of the world and our scientific achievements, which the German state unfortunately no longer has any control over.

An additional example, which helped me look at my eyes, happened in 2016, when I learned the truth about a certain group of refugees, whom I looked after for a long time. They were in the meantime among my friends, I helped them during the asylum procedures, I dealt with their official matters, I got them apartments, furniture, cell phones, computers, clothing, courses, jobs, scholarships and spent countless free hours of my private time on isolated cases. However, at some point I noticed that these people play with me in an unclean game, that is, they make me feel like that. I was cheated by these people, which disappointed me a lot. I myself, before this Muslim misleading strategy, was constantly warned by people from Arab countries and Kurds who did not only flee from war zones, but had to flee Muslims; however, I did not want to listen to them. And suddenly, it turned out that those people who dealt with everything who ate with me, drank, danced, laughed, did not pray, did not go to the mosque, did not observe Ramadan, mocked religion and deeply religious people, eating my food and sitting in my garden, they do not express themselves differently to me than “a German stupid whore”.

This not only hurt me a lot, because I was their help, my friend, my sister and my mother, and I trusted them, but it was also an additional reason to be reminded. They were my lifelong example of successful integration and friendship between people with Western views with people from the Arab-Muslim culture. I helped them, I protected them, I supported them and I gave them a real friendship. I accepted them with open arms in Germany and for this I was offended by words and deeds as a thank you.

In the meantime, I have set up the files of all the matters that I have ever worked on and following the progress of my present and former charges, much more critically and accurately. I also watch cases of other volunteers. Unfortunately, due to similar experiences like mine, many people have quit their jobs and the new ones who are starting are as naive as I once was. But in contrast to what the media tell us, there are not so many willing volunteers, and others who have been as long as me, just started to make money on it. From them you can not hear about disappointment, it would not be in their interest.

NOSE. And what has emerged from your tracking of the progress of immigrants?

R.S: Many still do not work and barely speak German. They stay in their groups, they have few, or at all, German friends. Others have been criminals. Or they have radicalized. Or later it comes to light that they were ISIS fighters or Al-Nusry, which groups still admire. Of course there are exceptions, they work, they speak German, but the so-called “head scarf”, the perception of themselves as a Muslim, as something better, this indescribable haughtiness towards us, remains in the majority after all. Since then, I have lost all my commitment and willingness to volunteer with those supporting the patriarchate Muslims.

Now I recognize how they function. Although I have started the case, I only accept new cases in which I think about real refugees who have a reason to come to a secular state where women and men are equal to the law, where we eat pork, where even they can sit naked on the beach. This freedom is very precious and very fragile, if we think about how many people come here suddenly, with their “scarf in the head” and just by everything here, everything changes here. We see it now. I became very cautious and extremely distrustful. I believe that those who really do not need asylum with us should seek asylum or seek a better life in Muslim countries instead of trying to force their medieval values over us and over time simply hurt us all.

That is why I am now helping primarily women and religious minorities who have had to escape from Muslim countries: political refugees, journalists, Muslims who have renounced their faith and are therefore persecuted. And as I said, I am particularly happy to help women. These are the ones who, due to their financial independence in Germany, can part with their husbands. They were marvelously married to these men and would have to spend their entire lives serving the smile of the man they hate internally. In a Muslim marriage, we have a lot of violence and rape. A woman has no human value, she is perceived as a sexual object and not as a partner. She is a worker and a birth machine. This is her job as a good Muslim woman. Like most Muslims, they do not respect us, nor do they respect their women. Not everyone, I know also good pairs, but most of them. This also applies to Muslims with German citizenship. Islam gives this right. That is why I am warning you now. I saw I heard, I lived through enough. I have my facts.

N.O-S: You used the word takija. How do you understand them and how did you get in touch with them?

RS: The words takija * do not know almost any European, and people who try to warn against this form of religiously justified behavior are immediately branded as racists, even if they come from the same regions and cultural circles as immigrants, whom we call refugees . That means “cheating”. Such (originally was supposed to protect Muslims against persecution – an edict of the edict of Euroislam), gives permission for Muslims to be non-Muslims, insincere to us, if it serves the protection of Islam and Muslims. We have various forms of lies that are allowed under certain circumstances in relations with non-Muslims, and this is the best known. This is about circumstances such as supporting Islamic interests or individual Muslim Muslim nations (Muslim community – ed.) – for example, when they can gain the trust of an unbeliever through lies – which makes him unlucky – to win him in this way.

The undermining of trust is programmed here. Muslims can deceive and deceive an infidel, it is not ethically blameworthy if this tactic will bring some profit that will help him and the moth. He does not have to be ashamed of it. In order to extract benefits from the unbeliever, they can pretend to be friends or love until they feel it in their hearts. Thanks to the existence of such Muslims, they are free from any responsibility towards the unbeliever – this is my warning for women who deal with them! But also especially for our politicians who enter into agreements with Islamic unions – no oath, even in the name of Allah, matters because of such, because Allah has released his faithful from oaths against unbelievers. The only condition: a liar must deeply believe in the Koran and Allah. This allows a Muslim to do as if he were not a Muslim. He can speak and do everything as long as it is used to, for example, gain the trust of a person. Or country. Now you have to imagine what religious ideology we are dealing with!

Such, I think, comes from Shiism, but it is also used (even if it is denied) by Sunnis and even allows eating haram (impure) dishes or pretending to be an atheist. It is necessary to realize that saying untruth to non-Muslims is not considered to be reprehensible in Muslim countries. And such a gullible German volunteer comes into contact with a culture he completely misses. After some time, you notice, however, that many refugees manipulate you to receive particularly much commitment and help from you, and above all conceal how fundamentally religious they are in reality and how much they reject our system of values and our society.

These are similar stories: that they studied medicine, law or computer science, that their parents are dead, and that their minor brothers in Turkey are dying of hunger in the street and we have to help them bring them here, or even that the whole family died in war. And we have this man – presenting himself as secular and moderately modern – help to bring his beloved wife (who would live here just as free as us) and children. And suddenly, aunts, uncles and parents suddenly appear in Germany, and suddenly the whole deceased family already has 15 people and has three apartments. A younger brother arrives who, unlike what you have heard, is not at all defenseless, but he was Al Nusra’s fighter, his parents are not dead at all, they only live safely in Turkey, and the older brother is not a moderate Muslim. Or you find out that their diploma is bought. Or that the family is poor, but she lived in safe territory in Syria and came to us to have a better life. Either you are asked, after successfully bringing your family away from the one who claims to be a moderate husband, can you help him get his next wife and children. This wife, portrayed as beloved and modern, arrives completely veiled and, according to her reports, is deeply unhappy, because he beats her and forbids her everything because she is a particularly deeply believer Muslim. From this I learned that using the naivety of the Muslims, i.e. in their weaker eyes, is not condemned.

In this culture, what counts is strong and if you help someone just like that, out of a good heart, it does not fit in their understanding of the world. You are just stupid to them, which means weak. And so they perceive us – as fools, fallen society of weaklings. Most Europeans can not understand this because it does not coincide with our reformed, enlightened, Christian-humanist values on which our culture is based. Of course, I know many individual exceptions, but they confirm the rule. I consider it important in dealing with Muslims to be open to everyone, I am still open and I have Muslim friends. However, if there are discrepancies in what they tell or in behavior, I recommend caution because of this.

N.O-S: You’ve also worked in refugee shelters. What caught your eye?

R.S: There meet representatives of many regions, cultures and religions, mainly Muslim men and next to them, people who were oppressed by Muslims, raped, tortured, entire villages murdered. There are many hot spots. Most often, however, there is persecution or at least contemptuous treatment of infidels – infidels – by Muslims. Muslims constitute the majority in shelters. Many of them seem to believe that they are some kind of “superhumans” and all non-Muslims are subject to them. In a small space such conflicts are intensifying. For example, there are situations when “infidels” have no right to be with them at the same time in the kitchen or laundry and are arrogantly and even aggressively chased away.

Of course, as always, we have opposite situations when women from different religious and language groups made friends with each other in the kitchen, for the sake of not being alone with the men in the shared kitchen. The situations of harassment of women by Muslim men are repeated, also sometimes harassing single Muslim women and we have cases when protection with Turkish, Arabic or Muslim Roma roots is allowed. Here we have this phenomenon again – Muslims against “other”, no matter what country they come from.

In my experience, I myself have the case of a Eritrean refugee, harassed by security. We had to report to the police, but nothing was done about it.

N.O-S: You mentioned the harassment of volunteers. However, no information can be found in the press. Why?

R.S: There is still bullying of volunteers, but none of us has ever reported such a case to the police because none of them wanted to be seen as an opponent of refugees and cause problems for the center. In this case, the same mechanism that worked for me works – constant justification: he is new, he has no idea how to behave, he does not understand our culture. And this is how this behavior is justified, not associating it with the sense of superiority that these men instil of Islam in relation to unbelievers and women. And especially to the western “harlots”, because just after such a picture European women come from their homelands. In my group, harassment was repeated especially in relation to volunteers teaching German refugees and having contact with a given immigrant several times a week.

For example, after a volunteer spent two months teaching German a Syrian twice a week, she was convinced that everything was going well and that she was just kindly humankind and accepted the invitation for a meal together. She just thinks that he wants to thank her for help, and he thinks that the “slut” wants a sexual rapprochement. These women do not realize that they are perceived by men from this cultural circle as unfaithful, uninterested and always sexually submissive men, because at first the refugees seem very nice, polite and well-mannered – that is, they cultivate the aforementioned suchism. And then there was a very unpleasant surprise when, until now, a friendly immigrant dragged her hair into the bathroom at the moment when she wanted to say goodbye (with the highest probability – in order to make a rape on her, a note with the permission of Rebecca). And the reason for this is that he can not understand that she wants to go now, because why the “whore” came alone to his room?

N.O-S: How could you describe the attitude of immigrants to women and broadly understood human rights?

R.S: If immigrants are asked about their attitude to basic human rights, like equality, personal freedom and equality between man and woman, about 75% of those around me would admit that they disagree with them. That is why I am very worried when I see that more and more German girls and women are associated with immigrants. They do not understand their culture and have no idea what immigrants say about them among themselves. They do not know that many of them already have wives in their country of origin who will come to them as part of family reunification. Or that the cousin with whom his marriage was arranged waits only for permission to enter Germany. The truth is that at the beginning most young immigrants never show off their religiosity: they drink and eat German food, taking advantage of all aspects and pleasures that this relationship brings. And then these women think that their partner is unique, and all the stories heard are untrue.

Even if they are relatively moderate, who integrate and marry Germans or other women, I am afraid that their intolerance begins with their daughters. In the end, almost everyone wants to have a subordinate Muslim woman, of course, the best in a shawl that does not wear the clothing that supports it, gives birth to children who do not refuse, no male friends who can be commanded, does not leave the house without permission and he obeys him in everything. In these marriages, it’s not about love. Love belongs to mother and family. The woman is always subordinate. Is an object with specific tasks. Western women are mattresses and a trampoline, and at the end they are still badly treated. For the very reason that they are “whores”, they are not good material for a wife. If, however, such a woman wants to part with such a man, it may happen that she is murdered for that. Just like recently in Kandel. Or they will do anything to harm her good name. And here I always say – exceptions confirm the rule. I know those too. Yet. We will see what will happen next.

N.O-S .: What is the gender ratio and level of education among this new immigration? We have heard that women and children who were fleeing before the war and highly educated specialists.

R.S: The overwhelming majority of the so-called refugees and immigrants, including those from before 2015, are men. However, in the last years we have already had many cases of family reunification and on this basis the refugee lobby creates myths about families, women and children fleeing to Germany from bombs. During my work, by 2015, they were almost exclusively young men; I helped them, in a few cases I still help, bring their relatives to Germany and I know that such procedures are carried out intensively all the time. All the wives brought in are already either pregnant or have children in Germany.

As for the level of education of Syrian refugees, who form the main part of the Muslim refugees who came to us from 2012, unfortunately I must admit that most of them have no appropriate education at all. I know that at the beginning the press reported that they are highly educated people and specialists in various fields, but it is simply not true. I myself disseminated such information, because I simply believed what the immigrants told me. The truth is that this information was simply repeated by everyone, but few journalists have ever seen these immigrants. An additional problem is that if these people really have some education, they are often not compatible with our system and must start from the beginning. Most, like young people, have to learn something else, finish school. Some even study. It costs millions.

In many cases, I see that most Syrians will not be able to support their family. People from Somalia, from Nigeria, are also a very difficult subject when it comes to education. Added to this is the fact that many are extremely aggressive, religious fundamentalists. Refugees from Eritrea: the majority are friendly Christians, but there are also Muslims among them. People from Eritrea, however, are again quite different than those from the Middle East. In my experience, they have almost always insufficient education and are learning extremely slow German. I know cases where, after three years, they still do not know German, despite the many courses for which we all pay. Afghanistan, Pakistan – the same. I took care of the refugees who had to start with ABC. Most live on social assistance and I fear that it will remain so. Even if someone comes as a doctor or dentist from the Middle East, studies there are so different from ours that it will take a long time to practice here.

Of course there are also many positive exceptions. My Syrian friend finished the courses and works in pension insurance. The pharmacist has found a job. Another opened a restaurant. A educated Muslim architect from Eritrea found a job in a design office. There are also refugees who do not concentrate on education, only after completing obligatory German courses they are looking for a job to earn money. As protection in a refugee center or help in Lidl. Others are driving and working as drivers. My mentor, a Syrian IT specialist, found a job very soon, currently earning 3,000 euros. However, it is worth mentioning that she is an atheist, completely disconnected from other, believing immigrants. Because, she says, she has suffered her whole life as a modern and self-thinking woman under the yoke of Islam, and according to her, “all religious Muslims are the same.”

N.O-S: As I have heard, the influx of new immigrants from Muslim countries also poses a threat to the liberal Muslims living here?

R.S: We have especially many women in Germany with an Arabic, Kurdish and Turkish background, coming from Muslim families who have lived here for many years, have won the right to self-determination within their Muslim family structures. I have friends and acquaintances who have escaped honor killings and live with a different identity and flee from the family that would murder them. Here, in Germany, imagine it! They are educated, they are doctors, artists, teachers, social workers, professors and they do not cover their hair. They live with their boys without a wedding. And enjoy the freedom that is normal with us. And they tell me that in the area where many Muslims live, and now many immigrants from Arab countries still arrive, their freedom is limited again. If such fundamental Muslims recognize in them a woman from their cultural circle, they constantly attack her, criticizing her too Western attire and even threatening her. Also women – refugees behave like that and instruct them to wear a headscarf and dress “just”.

On the other hand, as a state, we pay much too often for these benefits to people for their lack of integration and we look at threats and attacks on already integrated units. We also have a clear regression – many of these women who live here for a long time, today wears scarves again. In addition, the percentage of honor killings is constantly growing – let us remember that in this culture a woman is a man’s property. Disturbing Situations Shake The University In Hamburg Recently, the university had to create a ten-point rule on personal and religious freedom in early October because Muslim students attacked Muslim women who did not wear headscarves in a terrible way, which disturbed the functioning of the entire university. In the meantime, other forms of aggression – such as requests to remove pork from the canteen or separate prayer rooms for different sexes are also on the agenda.

Above all, political Islam in Germany is trying hard, as they say, to put the foot between the door and deeper. Muslims are constantly trying to portray themselves as victims, complaining that they are offended or discriminated against, that the West is guilty of everything that ultimately leads everyone to give way. Above all, our politicians. This is due to a false understanding of tolerance and the feeling that no one can be persecuted in Germany. However, apparently no one notices that this is where our own values begin to be discriminated against and we are discriminated against by Muslims. It makes me furious. I feel sorry for Germans, especially women. We have good intentions, and our harvest is the loss of everything our grandmothers have won so hard.

N.O-S: I have heard from Seyran Ates from the Liberal Mosque in Berlin that forced marriages are a very big problem in Germany.

R.S: I love Seyran Ates, this is a wonderful and courageous woman. Yes, by a sharp increase in the number of Muslims from Turkey, the Middle East and the Balkans, we have more and more forced marriages and even trade of girls and children. We have already reported such cases to the police, but the police and offices have a hard nut of cracking with such matters, there were even excuses that it “belongs to their culture”. So suddenly we have two legal systems valid in one country! Sometimes the problem is also the fact that such a girl does not want to leave her husband because she knows nothing other than the culture in which she was brought up. They mean the offices saying: “That’s how it is with them.”

However, the fact is that girls are bought and sold. They live as sex slaves and slaves to work, always controlled and robbed of their freedom. In one of the matters known to me, the girl was bought for 8,000 euros. Another – a Roma child from Poland – was abducted. And despite this we have such – for me already criminal – politicians, who call for not to cancel marriages of minors, because it is not for the good of the spouses. This is their response to our growing problem, which also arose as a result of an influx of Islamic refugees, many of whom have been married on their own in their homelands and who already come as spouses. I demand the separation of such marriages, the girl should first have a chance for free development, go to school and when she is 18, she can decide whether she wants to live with her husband or not.

In Germany, according to the law, no one can force it. We also have a case of a Pakistani who raped a six-year-old girl and was given a suspended sentence because of his “cultural background”. The next problem is violence in marriages. A typical anecdote, which I would like to say, sounds like this: newcomers with their wife and children are warned by others not to beat their wife and children in front of the Germans, because it is prohibited here. Does this mean that it is allowed in their group? A man from Afghanistan, who was reported to the police by his wife because he had raped her many times, was not sentenced to prison, “because he was not aware that it was rape.”

Islam allows such treatment; in other words, the wife must sleep with him unless she has a period or is ill. In other cases, it can not be refused. And there are, in the Koran, fragments in which the beating of disobedient women is permitted. The judge referred to this in his judgment as a mitigating circumstance. This means that even judges, through such false tolerance, undermine our legal system. It looks like we have more and more double standards. The courts here are rather leftist. Many judges are pro-immigrant and there are cases where immigrants and Germans with a migratory background receive a “cultural and religious bonus” and are favored. Among them are also women judges and I consider them particularly bad – women who are against women. In one case, the judge was looking for reasons that could justify the Turkish rapist.

The rapist thrust the woman’s head between the rungs of the bed and raped her brutally for hours. Studies have clearly shown extreme violence, the woman could not walk almost two weeks, her body was covered with bruises. But the decisive factor for the end of this case was the question of the judge addressed to the victim witness: “Is it possible that the accused thought that the victim consented?” “It is possible” – replied the witness. She could not say whether with the mentality raised from her Turkish cultural circle, this event, which was perceived by the victim as a rape, he only considered the so-called “Wild sex.” The perpetrator was acquitted. The prosecutor admitted that it had to be a big blow for the victim, but the conviction was not possible because no deliberate act was demonstrated. Rapes do not lead to strict sentences in German courts. Especially when the perpetrators are immigrants. Therefore, it has been publicly known for a long time about the so-called Immigration bonuses for cases of rape and other serious crimes. Slowly, our regulations cease to function. The next problem is polygamy. Here, too, there are cases when politicians are calling to allow it.

N.O-S: What about crime?

R.S: We actually have serious problems. I can only talk about my region, where I live and information from the media. In Hamburg and the Schleswig-Holstein area, we have an Arab clan that shakes the surrounding area. In Berlin, we have a clan from Lebanon, which according to experts in only 20 years has grown up to 1000 people (data comes from informers Rebecca Sommer, but the information is also here and here) and which mainly but not only deals in drug trafficking. parallel law, where our legal system does not reach anymore, it seems that everyone is afraid of them: judges, lawyers, police The offices have lost all control.

Judge Kirstin Heisig was murdered in my opinion because she tried to do it. Currently, it is the third generation of Berlin gangs. For Berliners they are extremely dangerous. They have a culture of hatred and contempt – and that’s why they commit their crimes in cold blood and without emotions. They have no scruples and are brutal, which again can be reduced to a Muslim – religious ideology, but – what is fair to be added here – is rejected by many more moderate Muslims in this form.

Refugees are recruited by clans. Already in 2012, the cords of cars threw themselves in front of the refugees, they wondered what these relatives were, who take or talk about this or that. Soon volunteers and social workers realized that they were not relatives, only Lebanese, who recruited young refugees to do dirty work. They have shops everywhere, where they wash dirty money: bakeries, pizzerias, hairdressers, corner shops, games rooms, shisha bars, where refugees work in black and are used as drug delivery couriers. There was a report on television – most of them still receive social assistance, they cheat our system and we cheat. I even say: yes, the Muslim world is laughing at us! If you look at it all, we’re really crazy!

Judge Kirstin Heisig was murdered in my opinion because she tried to do it. Currently, it is the third generation of Berlin gangs. For Berliners they are extrem. They have a culture of hatred and contempt. They have no scruples and are brutal, which can be reduced to a Muslim – religious ideology, but – to be added to the list. Muslims in this form.

Refugees are recruited by clans. Already in 2012, the cords of cars threw themselves in front of the refugees; Soon volunteers and social workers who were not relatives, only Lebanese, who recruited young refugees to do dirty work. They have shops everywhere, where they wash money: bakeries, pizzerias, hairdressers, corner shops, games rooms, shisha bars, where refugees work in black and are used as drug delivery couriers. There was a report on television – cheat our system and we cheat. I even say: yes, the Muslim world is laughing at us! If you look at it all, we’re really crazy!

N.O-S: I have heard that the situation in German schools is quite dramatic. What can you say about it?

R.S: As shown in the latest survey, which subjects to fourth grade students in cities, over 50% have a migration background, and the level of teaching has decreased so dramatically that according to research is at the level of the developing country. However, we have the biggest problem with children from Muslim families, who form the largest group among children with a migration background. As I have already noted, this is a culture of a stronger and big problem is their potential for aggression. Unlike German families, children are often brought up with corporal punishment and beatings by father or elder brother, as I see and hear, they belong to everyday life. This causes that these children are very aggressive – they solve problems by force. And they show typical herd behaviors. Otherwise brought up children from other cultures in which they are discussing, in which children learn freedom of belief and tolerance – such children are immediately in a lost position. They try to discuss what in the eyes of Muslim children makes them weak and potential victims.

In addition, these children act as a group – if you have a conflict with one, you have against yourself a group that counts tens of children, because they also understand the world as “Muslims against others.” Body injuries often occur, and teachers have tied hands, because the law gives them little resources to adequately react. Special schools for socially unfit children are already full and lack teachers and resources that would allow them to react and counteract. An additional problem that I observe is training programs in the accelerated mode of teachers – refugees who were teachers in their countries.

I see more problems here. First of all, many such co-workers wear headscarves, which is against the law of religious neutrality and is a negative example for children. Secondly, they say after 1.5 years to 2 years they are still not good in German, and this entails the danger that the students will learn German with mistakes. Thirdly, these new teachers have not received the same education as teachers in Germany. And fourthly and most disturbing to me: some of them are very religious and do not believe in science, only in what is written in the Koran. Some would not even give the man a hand. I do not want such teachers in our country, where our future is shaped. And I do not want teachers in headscarves, which will be a model for young people. Sling says that segregation by gender is right; it is a silent but eloquent message of the headscarf. It says – I am subordinate to a man. This is a confession, a religious-ideological symbol that divides the world according to the Muslim point of view on haram and halal. This message says: women’s hair is so embarrassing that they become “pubic hairs”. Why do we want this in our schools?

N.O-S: What do you think is the biggest mistake in migration policy?

R.S: First of all, the law treats every refugee as an immigrant, i.e. not as a seeker of protection, who only came here for a limited time and then returns home. And if it is so, then these people should be called immigrants, as you do in Poland. And therefore, create such provisions that these people do not have to lie in the forms of asylum – immigration regulations, with the help of which we will allow those who we need and others not. Who will work and will not be dependent on the social system.

The next problem is gaps in our asylum law. Our law says that everyone has the right to a priori asylum until it has been checked, accepted or rejected. Such a check, however, takes a very long time and such persons may receive the “tolerated” status (geduldet). According to the definition of German residence law, it is a “temporary suspension of deportation” concerning foreigners obliged to leave the country. It does not give you the right to stay. That is why “tolerated” are still obliged to leave Germany. Asylum seekers make complaints when they receive a call to leave Germany and for such bureaucratic and legal reasons, such cases can take years. These people remain in Germany for a long time, and after a few years they finally receive a residence permit.

People who have been rejected once, return here with the same documents and surnames, ask for asylum again and take the place of the real needy. If such a person leaves voluntarily, he has the right to return to Germany after three months. Beyond every human being, there may be a reason to ask for asylum and be persecuted, for example as a sexual minority, even if it comes from a country that is considered safe. And from these countries there are crowds of people in Germany who demand asylum for the most bizarre reasons, for example: “My neighbor is angry with me because I destroyed his car and I can not cover the costs.” And this is how the law machine is put into motion, which takes many months and even years. Most often these people receive a call to leave Germany and then suddenly one of the family members gets sick – most often they are mental illnesses, a nervous breakdown – and due to this disease, the proceedings, also concerning the whole family, are stopped.

Such castling with offices can take even several years; then they leave Germany and after three months they are back here. As I have realized, many “asylum seekers” have houses and even farms in their homelands, and there is no reason why they would have to leave their country. These are economic migrants fleeing poverty, which is of course a good reason if we are considering it from a human point of view, but it has nothing to do with asylum law. Some of them live here during the asylum procedure with benefits, but some work in black. I often see large cars that transport the collected goods to their homelands, which they then sell when the order to leave Germany is irrevocable and leave voluntarily. Then many families come back and try again for asylum, with the same reason, passport and name. In my opinion, at the latest at the second attempt, you should not let these people in and do not drag them over again through asylum procedures, multiplying the related costs.

N.O-S: As I have heard, there are also family reunification plans. What do you think?

R.S: A clerk from the security office I talked to told me that in the next three years several million people will arrive in Germany, both family members and new asylum seekers. We all know that integration is extremely problematic, but some of our politicians are still following this path, shouting slogans such as “Nobody is illegal.” Among my pupils, whom I had and have, I can count on the fingers of one hand cases of those who, in my opinion, completely and successfully integrated. And here I do not mean the loss of identity or culture, but acceptance of our lifestyle here in Germany, which is associated with the possession of many German friends, not just one or two who help you in the fight against filling forms.

Most people I deal with are only surrounded by people from their countries (read: other Muslims), live in a parallel society where their cultural and religious values are highly valued. By this very fact, they are rather separated from our society, separated. Because more and more of them come here, they do not have to adjust at all; so this trend strengthens these Muslim societies in parallel. And in this I see the problem of family reunion. I think that it is important to recognize those who want to stay here and in which cases it is actually about classical immigration. It should be much more accurate if there really is a real reason for applying for asylum. If necessary, control cells, FB, TT, in every possible way. Because the question arises: where is the main part of the family?

We have many minor refugees whose family lives in a safe place, but is waiting for the moment when she will be able to come to Germany. Why should we bring the whole family away if this youth could come back to her? We know that some are here only because their family sent them in the beginning. From Beirut, I hear that many people are waiting to be brought to Germany by family reunification. On the other hand, I have truly needy people who want to stay with us forever and have the right to do so – who are persecuted in their countries, often for reasons of faith; they are Christians, Yazidis, ex-Muslims. These people have to wait far too long for their family to come, which is absolutely tragic and not right. Also because these families are often found in Muslim countries, where they can not live peacefully. They should be treated separately and should be entitled to a special accelerated procedure.

But one thing must be said: you often come to us with whole families. And you still need to check who is looking for temporary protection and then he wants to return to his country. In this case, I think it is wrong to take down the whole family, because once this family is here, most will be here. What worries me about family reunification: the family means a patriarchally organized tribe in a Oriental-Muslim society, covering a large group of people. We will import the Muslim family system with family reunification, which leads to parallel societies and integration problems. The teenager does not have to adjust anymore, he stays among his own, imported traditions live on.

And this is exactly what I observe in the case of minors who came alone, who after three or three years have already adapted well, also thanks to the network of social workers, introducing them to our culture and our values. Who made friends by going to school with German teenagers. It all disappears when the family arrives. We’ve seen it often. Where the minor treated us with openness and curiosity, then contempt and rejection of our non-Muslim lifestyle came up against us, because suddenly there is a family who rejects it.

And to sum up: I do not just want to extend the parallel society that is directed against us, women, oppresses, robs us more and more from freedom.

N.O-S: What do you think you should do with immigrants who do not integrate?

R.S .: It is not so simple. You can not get rid of someone from a war country, even if he lied about his age, he committed crimes. This should change – whoever commits a crime should be thrown away, who with arms in hand would kill other people, should not get asylum. Whoever is against our state must leave … The state is helpless here. For example, the Syrians – first they were here because of the war and now because everyone claims they were against Assad and they face the death penalty there. And although there are those among them who belonged to ISIS or other terrorist groups, or have already been radicalized or committed crimes, the law does not allow their deportation. It is not even taken into consideration. And another question – what do we measure integration? You are not integrated just because you speak German and work. If you reject our values, do not show loyalty to the West, Germany and to us, or you think that Germany must accept Muslim values and give in to your cultural – religious special wishes, then I think you do not fit here. I think the best solution would be to cut benefits.

N.O-S: How should you deal with Islam in Germany?

R.S: Political Islam must be detained by all means, instead of being invited to salons. There are a lot of mosques among him. First, we need the law of the speaker, what can be preached in mosques, but above all – what should be forbidden. Therefore, it is necessary to prohibit the construction of new mosques before it does not work and does not give a thorough observation of those already existing, and above all, it does not exactly check who finances them. In many mosques, people are called to reject infidels, to the lack of integration. This was shown by the study of ARD journalist Constantin Schreiber from many mosques. In many mosques, people are even radicalized; experts have warned against this for years. Mosques are built from the resources of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the imams are also paid from there. Many do not speak German. But politicians do not seem to care. I am also forbidding the headscarf in the school for teachers and students, and in the public service.

I am afraid that in the next election, in four years, we can see a new phenomenon – Muslims will sooner or later establish their party and because they already have a large electorate, they will be unstoppable. With the help of the left wing and almost all parties, they will begin to change the rules to which we will have to adapt. As we know, many Muslims believe that unbelievers should be converted or taxed (jyzed), or oppress other methods. Many Muslims, above all choosing this political, state-controlled [Muslim] Islam, wonder how they can carry out their own interests – and they do not even hide behind it. As long as they continue to do so, they will continue to grow in Germany. We know the profiles on FB, where he clearly appeals to the Islamization of Germany, where we find entries contrary to the constitution, and such discussions can be found everywhere. Where the dog pees on the flag of Israel and where hatred and battles against us are spread. And these profiles are not removed, as well as Salafite profiles! Despite the fact that FB is very thoroughly controlled with us. Profiles of people expressing anti-Islamic views are blocked. If we do not wake up quickly, the whole situation will end tragically.

N.O-S: What would you like to convey to Poland and Poles?

R.S: Stay relentless in your resistance against the European Union breaking the rights of individual nations – in this case against the forced relocation of refugees from outside. Every country and nation has the right to choose their guests. No country can give up the right to self-determination. People within their country have the right to rule themselves, without interference from outside. You have the right to determine your own political path and status, and be free from outside pressure. Do not lose your identity, no nation, group, ethnic group, be it Italians, French or Poles, will not survive if you do not isolate yourself in a sensible way, in accordance with your interests. I would suggest to you who you would like to accept willingly. There are many people who are still persecuted, for example Christians and other minorities who understand our Western system well and could be well integrated with your help.


Here is the German interview.

Rebecca Sommer is the director and founder of the independent working group “Flight and Human Rights” in Berlin, which supports refugees. In a conversation with a Polish newspaper Sommer criticized the EU refugee policy. Sputnik had misquoted her from it. In the interview with the refugee assistant we clarify the matter.

Ms. Sommer, unfortunately, we misquoted you from an article in a Polish newspaper. They do not intend to move to Poland for fear of the refugees. What did you say instead?

I was asked, “What would you like to say to my country and the Poles?” I then said: “Remain steadfast in your opposition to the violation of international law by the EU.” In this case, against an external distribution of refugees. Every country and every people have the right to choose their own guests. No state should give up its self-determination.

Refugees in Dortmund (archive)
© AP Photo / Martin Meissner
Refugee Advisor: “Almost too late for Germany”
Then I said: I have the impression that there are interests at work in Europe that are about creating ‘One Europe’. No nation, no group, neither Italians, Frenchmen, Germans or Poles can survive unless they delineate themselves in a rational way, according to their commandments and interests.

Then I said to the Polish journalists: There are so many refugees who are increasingly fleeing from Muslim countries because they are being persecuted there more and more. This includes, for example, many Christians and other minorities who are coping well with our Western value system and who will integrate well with your support in Poland.

What does this have to do with emigration?

I will come to that now. In another part of the interview, I said, “I know people who are thinking about emigrating, for example to Poland, Croatia or America.” That was the only thing I said on the subject. I did not talk about it.

Do you doubt that people come to Germany who really need help?

Of course not, I’m a refugee assistant! I know people, they should definitely stay here. They come here to find permanent protection. I do not know a single Yazidi who wants to go back. He would be threatened in his homeland. I do not know any gay people who want to go back, because the countries Islamize more and more. I do not know a woman who has separated from her husband or fled an honor killing that can or will go back. These people have to stay here. But these are also the people who try to integrate themselves here and who do not build parallel societies.

I want new laws that differentiate and scrutinize before further people are arbitrarily let in. If some asylum seekers throw away their passports and then stay here anyway. Or the thing with the age. That’s where parties get excited, that goes against human rights. Because I just think: Say, are you crazy?

Why do you think people want Germany?

Many come because they quickly find a home or – in larger families – very quickly a house. And because you get many offers for free, like music or sports. Or a degree course – everything is paid for refugees. There is a lot of bitching about Hartz IV – that’s good for many. Especially if they have a family. They also get a lot more per child and do not have to work. I would like to emphasize that there are many refugees who are really looking for work. They also want to integrate themselves through a job. But most of them are not here because they like our democracy so much or our weather or because they like us Germans so much.

How do you work with refugees?

Our network is now operating throughout Berlin. We have volunteers who have been refugee helpers for years. There are also friendships to individuals, or to children and whole families. Among them are also people who have integrated, no question. But I also know many, these are poverty migrants who managed to get asylum. Among them are people that I like very much. Although there are some who frustrate me because they will never be socially independent and I can watch over years how they pass that on to their children.

Ms. Sommer, you do not want to be a right-wing populist, right?

No, how should I? I still work with refugees. I have Muslim friends. But above all secular Muslims who have been Germans for a long time. I have developed a very critical attitude. Especially for integration: Just because someone works here and speaks our language, the person is far from integrated. I think it’s good to keep your own identity and culture. But not at our expense, by despising us or thinking that we need to convert to Islam as infidels, we must adapt to their value system.

There are many refugees coming to Germany, they have a “headscarf in their heads”, that has grown steadily. There is not a day when I do not have to endlessly debate the Koran with refugees. And then it seems to me that we do not discriminate against the refugees, they discriminate against us. That’s something that bothers me. I have to deal with them every day. And it is repeated. Evolution does not exist because it is not in the Koran. And: The woman is subordinate to the man.

Despite these experiences and your assessment do you want to continue working with refugees?

I have a great love of people – also for refugees. Yes, I continue. But with care. I’m looking exactly who I’m helping. I lead the working group “flight and human rights”, I coordinate the German teachers. It is very important that we stay on there. If we leave people alone, then the parallel societies continue to evolve. There are also a lot of refugees who really need our help and who really try to integrate with us.


11:53 am on February 9, 2018