Did Someone Say Government?

So…what? The federal government is all shiny, happy politicians now? I suppose all the federal alphabet soups will lay down their arms and all those federal laws they enforce will suddenly become null and void? Oh, and the Pentagon will have to have a yard sale when they want a new trillion dollars worth of weapons? Let’s not forget the great work being done on cutting taxes right now, right? No, I don’t think so. This is the same government, it’s just some people have the same swoon going on that some people had over Obama in 2009. “No, he’s an outsider! He’s different!” Uh-huh. Heard that about Reagan, too. But he was a good actor and this current cat probably got a few acting lessons from TV. It’s over-the-top reality TV shtick, but some people appear to believe it.

When the other shoe drops and people find out this guy is long-winded but that wind doesn’t lift their sails in any way, then we’ll hear how disillusioned they are. “We thought he’d be different! But he betrayed us!” Wrong. He did not betray you. He was just intensely loyal in a different direction. Enjoy the show.


12:24 pm on February 13, 2017