So Totally Bogus

Brutus observes,

If the virus was the threat we are made to believe it is:

–          Only those at high risk would wear a mask

–          Only those in a high risk situation would wear a mask

–          All people would not be forced to wear masks

–          Masks would not be improperly worn

–          Masks would be doffed and discarded with the same attention as one does surgical gloves covered in excrement

–          Men would shave their beards as with all the air that bypasses the mask they pretty much negate any mask benefit

–          You would not be allowed to adjust your mask and then touch products on store shelves, hand the cashier money, touch the credit card machine, touch the door, ……

–          Stores would be setting up decontamination stations so you could clean and then bag your products as they came off the shelf

–          People would not engage in drive up shopping, trusting others to gather their purchases and place them in their car, not knowing who touched what

–          People would not be eating fresh produce that could not be sterilized

–          People would not take their masks off to talk to you…

–          You would not need to force people to stay apart

–          People would stay a lot farther than 6 feet apart

–          People would stay away from sports events on their own… because the players would be staying away

–     People not wearing a mask would be given a wide berth for the safety of both parties

–          People would not be wearing the same mask for a week

–          People would not be casually storing their used masks in pockets, hand bags and hung over the rear view mirror…

–         Those not wearing a mask would be pitied as they would obviously have a serious issue and would not be able to uses this vital piece of protective gear …

–          Families would be allowed, perhaps required to take their elderly members out of nursing homes if they could care for them more effectively…

–          Test kits and treatment drugs would be dispensed over the counter or via the mail to limit contact …

Perhaps most telling of all, however, is the age-old question: cui bono?


2:36 pm on September 17, 2020