So Many Teachable Moments, So Few Apt Pupils

I drove 500 miles yesterday (thank you, TSA), listening to local radio stations the while. One small town’s news included an update on long-simmering legislation to “reform” some aspect of its government. (Progressives never lose their conviction that sooner or later, against all odds and experience, one “reform” out of the zillions introduced will actually work.) At any rate, one of the town’s rulers had recently been convicted of being a politician, i.e., of accepting bribes. And a member of the citizens’ coalition pushing the “reform” intoned, “What we’ve got here is a teachable moment for our reform.”

“Teachable moment”? What the heck else is government but centuries, millennia, eons of “teachable moments”? Whether it’s the corruption, the inefficiency, the cronyism, the murder, the thievery, or the lying, everything the State does graphically proclaims that it is the enemy of all mankind. And yet the dumbed-down taxpayers never learn.

We need no more “teachable moments”: we need rebels who’ve heeded the lesson.


12:02 pm on April 1, 2014