Snitching has never been so easy

Reality beat the Babylon Bee to the punch – how about that?

Snitching has never been so convenient as it is in the Internet age. The divisiveness among people that has been created by an overblown crisis is the real pandemic. In the Facebook community “chat rooms” I peruse, I see so much cyber-finger wagging and shaming coming from the worst among us. People being shamed for leaving their home. Parents being shamed for allowing their children to go outdoors. Folks being shamed for buying “too much” toilet paper. Others being shouted down for not falling in line with the hysterical groupthink of the morally superior herd.

Good news for those voluntary slaves who need an outlet for their snitching: you can now go online – at least in Somewhere, Wisconsin – and “report gatherings of 10 or more people to authorities.” Here’s the snitch form right here.


6:01 am on March 20, 2020