Since When Do Rulers Ever Harm Their Own People?

It appears that a major radio personality actually agrees with my speculation that certain elements amongst those who rule over us might actually want to harm us, and that includes using biological warfare, such as Ebola. Talk radio host Michael Savage pointed out the absurdity of sending 4,000 U.S. troops into those western Africa countries in which thousands are dying, supposedly from Ebola. Of course some of those soldiers will get infected and possibly spread the virus here in the U.S. when they return. But while thousands are dying supposedly of Ebola in Africa, hundreds of thousands there are dying of malaria, and hundreds of thousands of people are dying each year of seasonal flu, both facts according to this Guardian article.

But the denial in the clueless MSM that Obama and his minions would possibly intentionally try to cause harm to Americans was expressed by Jake Tapper of CNN, in which he responded to Michael Savage’s remarks by stating, “It’s hard to even know where to start with that one – the idea that the president wants to infect soldiers and then Americans. It’s so unhinged, we should probably not bother dignifying it with fact-checking.”

No, God forbid news reporters would ever check facts, and history, such as the history of how past politicians and Rulers have operated. We need not know anything about Mao, Stalin, FDR and LBJ, of course. But in this case, with the detention camps that the gubmint already has set up for those disobedient types who “question authority,” etc, there perhaps doesn’t even need to be an Ebola outbreak, only the fear and panic over a threatened outbreak, in which the brainwashed sheeple who love their Rulers will plead and beg the Rulers to jail those who do not comply with orders to quarantine at the very first sign of a sniffle, and jail those (such as Michael Savage) who openly criticize the Dear Leader.

By the way, here is a video excerpt from an interview of the late Larry Grathwohl, the FBI informant who described his experiences as a Weather Underground infiltrator and the kinds of things those PhD-holding pothead commies were actually conjuring up. The Weather Underground, as many already know, is the organization of admitted terrorist bomber Bill Ayers, a close confidant of our current White House Dictator. This was apparently filmed around 1982, but the discussed meetings occurred around the late 1960s.


10:14 am on October 16, 2014