“Shy Voters”

There are quite a few articles on the Web about how “shy voters” are going to give Trump an electoral victory.  Presumably, these are Trump voters who are not vocal about it, do not put up signs or wear Trump hats, etc. for fear of being ostrcized by their “woke” neighbors (or murdered by Antifa or Black Lives Matter criminals and terrorists).

I think this is obviously true; the only question is, how many of them are there?  As an anecdote about this, when Tiger Woods began his Big Comeback, culminating in his victory in the Masters last year, one of his first tournaments — if not the first — was the Honda Classic in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  I was standing at the first teebox when he teed off wearing my Trump-style red t-shirt with big white lettering on the front that said, “Make Tiger Great Again.”  The Golf Channel zoomed its camera on me as Tiger teed off.  Anyway, all during the five hours or so that I spent on the course that day people came up to me whispering “I like that t-shirt.”  Even the waitress at the restaurant afterwards did that.  The same occurred every time I wore the t-shirt in public.  Meanwhile, during the tournament a guy came up to me and said “Can I take a picture of you with that shirt on with my girlfriend?”  I said yes, of course.  But when the young girl actually looked at the t-shirt she sprinted off like a gazelle, horrified that someone might somehow associate her with Bad Orange Man.

That was almost four years ago.


9:40 am on October 24, 2020