Shawn Johnson Earrings for Sale!!

Re the Shawn Johson Peace earrings, as reported here:

“August 23, 2008–Shawn Johnson is scheduled to return from Beijing next week, but lately she’s been spotted all over the United States. From “I Love Shawn” t-shirts to watches and magnets, Shawn’s face is everywhere these days.

“A jewelry company based in California is even coming out with peace sign earrings next months, just like the pair Shawn wore in a recent televised interview.”


Update: Josh Buckman writes: “Shawn will be on David Letterman tonight wearing the same peace earrings. She definitely more impressive than the other more well known ladies speaking tonight (Nancy, Caroline, Michelle). Yuck!!!”

BTW, if you google “shawn johnson peace earrings” there are now tons of posts about this. As someone noted, “I think Shawn made a very conscience decision to wear these bright/white earrings to make a statement. She is 16. she doesn’t want her friends to be drafted to war. “


7:56 pm on August 25, 2008