Score Another One for Patriots!

Minnesota’s chief commissar, Tim Walz, may have revoked his illegal “mandate” forcing serfs to muzzle themselves, but as Mr. Anonymous cautions…

…let’s not start praising this guy for doing what he should have done a long time ago, or for undoing what he never should have done in the first place.

Instead, thank Northland Baptist Church, Living Word Christian Center, and the Upper Midwest Law Center for having taken Minnesota Governor Tim “Jong” Walz to court and defeated him. It’s brave and committed patriots like these who force tyrants like Walz to heel. Walz was enforcing capacity limits on worship; these courageous pastors and their congregations took him on and won. As a matter of fact, this is his first defeat on the COVID/mask front since he locked Minnesota down last spring.

This court defeat, combined with the reopening of a number of red states, has probably forced Walz’s hand. Rather than being rewarded a year from November, Walz, his Muslim Attorney General Keith Ellison, and corrupt Secretary of State Steve Simon should all be roundly defeated … that is, if Minnesota can manage to get rid of its Dominion voting machines in time.

Hear, hear!


8:36 pm on May 14, 2021

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