In Sochi, Russia Giving Journalists What They Deserve

If Putin siccing a rare Persian leopard on the assembled pampered press corps was not enough to make one a certifiable Sochi-ista, how about the whining and wimpy journalists who have descended on the Olympic venue expecting the kind of five-star treatment they get in the US only to find that they have been given the accommodations they deserve rather than the ones they desire? Bravo Putin!

The Western journos are so shocked that they have not been extended the red carpet they believe they deserve, they have taken to assembling the various Tweets and blogs detailing the appalling disrespect they are given as a huge pity party mega-site, hosted of course by the queens of the Russia-haters, the Washington Post. Read about the horrors the press corps — those very same people who have been slagging off the games for months or more — are experiencing in Russia. Surely it is a hate crime that they have not been afforded the luxuries to which they have become accustomed. The beds are not turned down properly! Where are the mints?!? I ordered my massage ten minutes ago!

Those backward Russians!

Interestingly enough, I attended a function tonight at the Swiss Embassy discussing the recent Davos World Economic Forum. Our wonderful host, Swiss Ambassador to the US Manuel Sager, informed us that when he attended Davos as the press secretary of the Swiss president he was assigned a room in a hotel that had been condemned as unsafe for habitation, but re-opened for the event. He said the accommodation was not only appalling but appallingly expensive, at $400 per night. In Switzerland!

Please, let us keep witnessing the indignities suffered by the propaganda class in the US. As spectator sport it almost rivals the Olympic games themselves.

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10:56 pm on February 4, 2014