Rotten Censors Make Superb Propagandists

If “social media’s” goal is to ferret out and expunge lies, as it insists, it’s failing miserably at censorship. But it is a highly successful and proficient propagandist.

For example, “progressive Democrat and … liar Debby Burnett … is running against conservative Lauren Boebert in Colorado’s Third Congressional District.” Liar Burnett claimed on Twitter,

I work on the COVID floor at my hospital. It’s full. 

The entire floor + the ICU are at capacity w/ COVID patients — almost all unvaccinated.

Our district has one of the lowest vaccination rates because our rep Lauren Boebert spreads lies & misinformation about the vaccine.

The good folks at Red State debunked every word in her statement:

Lauren Boebert’s Democrat opponent is not a medical doctor and does not work on a Wuhan ward or ICU. She is a veterinarian who is a part-time physical therapist. She doesn’t work in a hospital in Colorado, so no matter what is happening in “her hospital,” it has nothing to do with Colorado. Colorado’s ICU situation is at or below normal. The vaccination rate in Third District is on par with the rest of the state, and one of the two highest vaccination rates in Colorado is in Third District.

Literally, nothing Burnett claimed is true. And yet, it is allowed to circulate as though it has some relationship to the facts on the ground.

Meanwhile, I’m sure Bill Martin, who alerted me to this story, is wondering how anyone can count patients infected with COVID since the CDC admitted the PCR test cannot measure such things. Indeed, I’ve been vastly amused the last few days that newspapers continue to report cases. Maybe they can switch to monitoring how much green cheese the Man on the Moon eats.


3:27 pm on August 2, 2021