Ron Unz: Sleeper Awoke

Because of their introspective soul-searching depth, some of the most powerful and illuminating writing in literature are memoirs. I particularly have in mind the famous Confessions of St. Augustine and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and the panoramic autobiographies by Henry Adams and Albert Jay Nock. I would like to nominate author and publisher Ron Unz for a chair in this select pantheon. In three concise candid confessions to his readers he painstakingly traces the torturous path of how he has undergone a dramatic change of consciousness, resulting in unbridled skepticism of supposedly settled ironclad truths put forth by establishment media and academia of central orthodoxies of 20th century history. His journey becomes our journey, we share his angst and elation at truths uncovered.

First, in John McCain: When “Tokyo Rose” Ran for President: What Was John McCain’s True Wartime Record in Vietnam?  Unz laid bare the raw unseasonable truth concerning the “maverick” neocon warmonger, the thuggish brute John McCain.

Second, in his recent article, Our Great Purge of the 1940’s, he describes how he methodically uncovered the cold reality concerning the revisionist critics of Franklin “Duplicitous” Roosevelt and the New Deal leading up to WWII. 

In his latest article, Unz traces his passive nonchalant sleepwalking through history and how he was powerfully smacked, jarred and awoken to the disturbing truths surrounding the savage events of November 22, 1963 — the murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas, Texas and the subsequent cover-up.  Everything massively changed on that day in terms of government structure (open and covert), subsequent foreign and domestic policies, societal attitudes and perceptions — everything. The demographic attitudinal polling studies of that generational cohort demonstrates this.

In the pre-PC days of studying and cataloging the history of the world, historians designated the initials BC and AD to signify or divide history. In modern American history one would not be off the mark in signifying the dividing line as the era before 11-22-63 and after 11-22-63. JFK was definitely not Jesus Christ, but the full story of his tragic violent death and the shattering impact of its consequences has still not been fully written.


2:32 am on June 19, 2018