Ron Paul Rocks!

While the others tank, Ron Paul (who? who?) is only six points behind Obama in RCP’s poll averages. Only Romney is closer — after a full year of having paid full-time staff in every county in the country and an unlimited bankroll.

This is an interesting result because virtually each of the other candidates, including Romney, has a ball and chain that he or she would carry into the general election — call it “Voter Repellant” —  all of them, in fact, except for Ron Paul.

Of course, Obama is chained to the Titanic. Maybe folks are ready for real change after all.

Which brings to mind a new Craigslist Category: “Ex-bureaucrat, overpaid, spoiled, un-fire-able, demanding, snarky, condescending, and untalented, seeks senior position fit for a former public servant.” Let’s have about a million of those a year. Country’ll grow!


2:58 pm on November 4, 2011