Romans 13 Vs. COVID 19 

An author named JL Fuller invites all of LRC’s readers to the launch of her cleverly titled book, ‘Romans 13 and Covid 19,‘ tomorrow evening (that link is for the USSA; Canadians can use this one, while folks in the UK should go here). Already Amazon’s “#1 Best Seller in Church Leadership,” Ms. Fuller addresses a question we have often explored on LRC:

Many people have been asking in the advent of Covid, “Where is the Church?” and “Why is the Church so silent and not standing up?”

The new book, ‘Romans 13 and Covid 19 – Knowledge, Warnings and Encouragement for the Church and World’ seeks to put this right. … This unique, timely book gives a comprehensive analysis and exposure of the deceptive dangers and errors entering the Church under Coronavirus mandates … and a clear, Biblical roadmap out of it.

‘Romans 13 and Covid 19’ is for Pastors, Church leaders, disciples of Jesus Christ and anyone who is concerned by what’s being imposed on the Body of Christ and world at large by our Governments, as a result of the Covid crisis.

The book examines Biblical principles on the scope and limits of civil authority, looking at examples from both the current situation and the past (namely the misuse of Romans 13 in 1930s Germany to quell resistance to Hitler). It surveys the key aspects and implications of the Covid directives – from the medical mandates, lockdowns and gene therapy rollout, to systematic State propaganda and the ‘Great Reset’. You’ll find much-needed knowledge and wisdom about not only what’s going on now but also the wider, one-world technocratic agenda at play and where it’s headed: Equipping you with all you need to know to accurately understand the times and obey Jesus’ command in Matthew 24:4 to “Take heed that no one deceives you”, as well as to watch and pray, wake up from sleep, cast off the works of darkness and to put on the armour of light.

If you’d like to join the launch on Zoom this Friday, July 9th, at 7pm BST (2pm EDT, 11am PDT, 9pm IDT; allow about 75 minutes for this event), please write to for the “Meeting ID” and “Passcode.”


3:01 pm on July 8, 2021

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