Rolling Decentralization

This is the final year for Rolling Thunder’s famous bike tour of DC.  The chronically underfunded Pentagon charges them over $200,000 for parking and security, on a day when the massive parking lots are empty (gotta make a buck somewhere) and the organization sees that it will be a lot more effective helping actual veterans in the actual countryside.

Trends in communication, information, and travel (if you believe car ads) reflect the independent iconology of the motorcycle — despite every effort by the central government to control and reverse this trend.  The idea of freedom to go where you want, think what you want and say what you want is still strong.

At the same time, we see a fundamental awareness among average people in the country that the major cities of the empire are not their friend.  After twenty years of public harping, people finally realize that trillions upon trillions of US government debt is both dumb and dangerous.  We know this because government supported economists have put forth a new theory to calm everyone down!   The US birth rate is down, veterans and their families are angry, the Fed is hated by all, and even the president’s tweets are no longer important to us.

All signs point to the end in our lifetimes of the DC empire, an end worth celebrating on this day, and every day.


6:02 pm on May 27, 2019