Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Discusses The CIA’s Longstanding War Against The Kennedys

Robert Kennedy Jr. briefly discusses the CIA’s war waged against his family beginning with his grandfather, former U. S. Ambassador to Great Britain Joseph P. Kennedy, who in 1956 had been named by President Eisenhower as a member of the President’s Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activities. The Board was to provide advice to the President concerning the quality and adequacy of intelligence collection, of analysis and estimates, of counterintelligence, and of other intelligence activities. Kennedy’s actions and remarks there greatly displeased CIA director Allen Dulles. Kennedy wanted to eliminate the covert paramilitary aspects of the Agency and return it to an intelligence gathering entity.

The CIA’s war against the Kennedys continued on to the firing of Dulles by Eisenhower successor, President John F. Kennedy, after the CIA’s Bay of Pigs debacle. JFK later remarking to a high administration official “I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.” RFK Jr. then alludes to the Kennedys’ differences with the CIA on the War in Vietnam leading to the assassinations of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, and subsequently of his father, Attorney General and U. S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

Former President Harry Truman, who had created the CIA by signing the National Security Act of 1947, wrote an article published in the Washington Post exactly one month after JFK’s assassination, regretting doing so because he believed the Agency had superseded its mandated charter engaging in improper activities. An embittered Allen Dulles flew to Truman’s home in Missouri and tried to get Truman to renounce what he had written, to no avail. Truman stood adamantly steadfast in what he had written. Dulles then returned to CIA headquarters in Langley and falsified the official record of his visit and conversation with Truman.


9:25 am on March 13, 2023