Risky Masks

A gentleman who is a Certified Safety Professional and who holds an associate’s degree in risk management wrote the following to his school board when it forced students to diaper their faces:


Please allow me to explain why my personal experience as a Cal/OSHA Safety Engineer, employee safety professional for over 20 years and expertise as evidenced by my credentials, lend credence to my opinion that masks/face coverings are not only virtually worthless to the wearer at protecting against the spread of COVID-19, but are in fact harmful to our children.

The correlation to work environments and OSHA standards are essential in understanding the flawed belief that face coverings offer any protection whatsoever.

In the employee safety world, we have what is commonly referred to as the “hierarchy of controls”.  In short, this hierarchy is used by employers and/or safety personnel to protect employees against hazards, such as COVID-19.  To determine how best to mitigate the exposure, one goes down the hierarchy beginning at the the top which is the most effective at preventing or minimizing exposure. You can look this up on your own, but when exposure can’t be eliminated, the next steps in the hierarchy are to pursue “engineering” controls, which are more effective than “administrative” controls, before finally assessing appropriate “personal protective equipment (PPE)”.  We have all, no doubt by now, heard of the term “PPE”, which can come in many forms such as gloves, boots, clothing and respiratory equipment.  In the hierarchy of controls, PPE is the method of LAST resort since all other controls have been pursued and an exposure still exists.  An N95 is approved by NIOSH as a “respirator” and requires a tight fit among other Employer requirements.

Face coverings do NOT qualify as PPE, which is the method of LAST resort.  Cal/OSHA, partnering with CDPH, affirms this as evidenced in their informational publications and videos. This video, “COVID-19 Worker Safety Message” from the CA Labor and Workforce Development Agency states, “Cloth face coverings are not personal protective equipment, or P.P.E. But combined with physical distancing, they may help prevent people without symptoms from unknowingly spreading the disease.”  

While their ambiguous statement is unvalidated, I would argue that requiring children to wear face coverings or any type of masks may be interpreted as child endangerment, as defined under section 273a under the CA Penal Code.  

His letter continued with a quote of 273a and other details drawn from California’s regulations. He concludes by asking

Why aren’t other industries whose operations include exposures to hazards such as asbestos and silica allowed to substitute face coverings for their employees to use instead of respirators? 

The size of asbestos fibers and silica particulates are considerably larger than virus particles. This matters, and real answers to these questions should be demanded of the likes of Dr. Mark Ghaly, OSHA Chief Doug Parker, CDC Director Walensky and NIH Director Fauci. The droplet argument doesn’t fly for reasons that I could go on about for days as could other professionals, scientists and other non-bureaucratic doctors.  I haven’t even touched on the growing evidence of detrimental physiological effects mask use causes.

The “guidance” and recommendations have been fraught with inconsistencies from the beginning of this pandemic.  Millions of the silent voices have witnessed it daily with most going along with it for the sake of hoping it will pass.  The time for this acceptance is up.  We will no longer go along this path.

Please weigh the real benefits (lack thereof) as you move forward.  My final questions for you today are this:

How does this heartbreaking video of a girl in tears over having to wear a mask not constitute a “willful cause of a child to be placed in a situation where her health is in danger” [quote from section 273a]?  Are these not the traumatic experiences that cause a lifetime of mental health conditions such as anxiety?  Is this level of anxiety not a problem in your eyes?  Do you think she’s the only one?  Do you place your children in this situation?  Do you really think it is worth it?

This school board would no doubt laugh at ancient peoples who sacrificed their children to Baal. But how do they differ as they imperil not only their own kids but thousands of others on the altar of political expediency and power?


9:59 am on July 23, 2021