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Subject: Yellowstone

Hi Walter,

I’ve just begun watching a fascinating new tv series called Yellowstone that describes the quarrels of Indians and cowboys in the modern day fighting over who is the rightful owner to the land. The cowboys have had the land for 6 generations and the Indians claim the land was stolen which the cowboys don’t seem to refute. Given that this fact seems to be accepted by both sides what should be the resolution of this dispute under libertarian law. I understand that you support reparations if one can prove that they are the rightful beneficiary from property that was stolen from their ancestors. But what constitutes enough proof? What forms of reparations would you consider reasonable in today’s society with groups like native Americans, African Americans etc.



Dear Edmund:

I’d have to know the specifics.

Also, there are continuum problems that make it difficult to respond:

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Houma Indian

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