Remember Those FBI Files?

One of the first of thousands of Clinton administration scandals was that they were caught illegally in possession of hundreds of FBI files of all the Republicans in D.C.  We can assume that these were used by the Clintons to do as much political blackmailing as they could get away with.  There is no reason to believe that they don’t still have this information, and that they have gathered much more, using their vast wealth to have hired private investigators, something they were well known for doing.  When I was asked two months ago at a conference if I thought Hillary would be prosecuted, I said “no,” I expect that she will blackmail her way out of it.

UPDATE: is reporting that an old Clinton crony at the UN, who has “contributed” millions to the Democratic National Committee and has been convicted of violating securities laws, was found dead, having miraculously crushed his own throat “accidentally” while working out at a gym.  Two days before he was scheduled to be interviewed by the FBI about the Clinton email crimes.  Textbook scenario of the Clinton crime family.


7:52 am on July 3, 2016