Reconstructing Detroit

In order to reconstruct Detroit, what do people need and not need? I submit that they could do without Detroit’s Municipal Code. For example, section 26-7-3 is a rent control ordinance. You do not know the true meaning of Economic Paralysis or Economic Hardening of the Arteries until you read and fully comprehend such an ordinance. Chapter 30 contains a list of businesses that must be licensed that is as breathtaking in its own way as peering into the eyes of Rosemary’s Baby. Indeed, the whole Code appears to be the work of Satan. Can a city, region, state or country be destroyed by bad laws? Yes, Montesquieu, it can. Detroit needs to get out from under a large number of state and federal laws as well.

What does Detroit need? It needs justice services that understand property and can penalize true infringements of life and property. Since the courts of this country are not up to this task, Detroit needs a market in such services.

Detroiters need to declare themselves independent. In a manner of speaking, they need to define a kind of free zone or free city or enterprise zone as in antiquity or as in the late Middle Ages.

I have another idea that involves a lower degree of freedom. A whole bunch of cities who wish to exit from state and federal regulations and control can form a League of Free Cities.


12:54 pm on July 28, 2013