Re: Re: Flames of Freedom

These Ukrainians have more sense than Americans. They also have more freedom to demonstrate without fear of government reprisals, at least it appears that way.

In America, these demonstrators’ names would all go on a government list or two. They’d all be thoroughly photographed and identified. They’d be deemed terrorists or terrorist potential. The police would appear in full combat gear with batons, rubber bullets, hoses, electro-shock devices, and sound amplifiers. Their travel would subsequently be made much more difficult. The police would arrive in Pentagon discarded Lenco MRAP Bear SWAT Team vehicles and armored personnel carriers.

There is an argument here for non-surveillance and anonymity in crowds, which is that people then feel more free to demonstrate. Conversely, this shows that such surveillance discourages demonstrations in public places out of fear of the reprisals.


1:45 pm on July 30, 2014