RE: Questions For The Next Supreme Court Nominee

I  am getting very interesting feedback from LRC readers on my earlier blog concerning national security questions to be asked to the next Supreme Court appointment of President Trump.

Which is precisely why we must move now to raise these crucial questions for the Supreme Court nominee before hearings are held. We must organize in our neighborhoods and families, in our clubs, churches, and with colleagues from work, pressing hard the media and our elected officials, cutting across all  ideological and demographic divisional lines of left or right, of race and class, as a broad national referendum on what America has become and what we want her to be for the future. This informal coalition of interest could serve multiple purposes but it should primarily bring into the sunlight the nature and origins of the national security state and the spurious props and fallacious notions which have continued to foster its cancerous growth.

Lew Rockwell once said that all governments would be totalitarian if they could get away with it. “Ours” is definitely trying. With an imperial presidency, an acquiescent Congress, a complaisant and compliant judiciary, an officious and intrusive bureaucracy, and a national security state that is making us less secure at home by its reckless interventionism abroad, plunging us toward tyranny and civilizational collapse. Their solemn oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution were either hollow empty words they mumbled with their fingers callously crossed behind their backs or uttered with an arrogant hubris they misbelieved to be patriotic zeal regarding the true meaning of duty, honor, and fidelity towards that decaying parchment document at the National Archive and what it stands for.


8:51 pm on June 29, 2018