Re: Is There a Geneticist in the House?

David, I think it is possible to confirm someone’s identity in much less than 3 days. This could be done in a working day, give or take. They would need to have a good lab ready with a competent lab technician, but if the attack was planned, this could have been arranged. The only question for me is — To confirm that it’s Osama bin Laden, where did they get DNA to compare it to? This is one accurate thing from the cop dramas: to identify a missing person, they need something else (a toothbrush, relatives’ DNA, etc.) to match the missing person’s DNA sample to. Again, I think this is also possible since the US has had close ties with the bin Laden family for a long time and they could have had DNA samples and or fingerprints already on hand by the time any tests were needed.

As an aside, I’d like to put out one more theory on the suspicious burial-at-sea: maybe they needed to get rid of evidence of more troops-gone-wild!


12:43 pm on May 2, 2011