Re: Cato on Drug Reimportation

A follow-up to this post: Cato’s News Release dated July 29, 2003 proclaims its free-trade stance, despite columns advocating protectionism by two of its scholars:

Cato scholars support drug reimportation

“WASHINGTON—Cato Institute President Edward H. Crane and Vice President for Legal Affairs Roger Pilon make the case for the prescription drug-reimportation bill passed by the House late last week in an op-ed published today in National Review Online. Addressing an issue that has split many conservatives and libertarians, Crane and Pilon argue that the principle of free trade and reliance on free markets support the reimportation of prescription drugs into the United States. The new policy can result in more market-based prices, increased price competition, an easing of prescription drug barriers and lower prices for gouged American consumers.”

What is interesting is the comment that this is “an issue that has split many conservatives and libertarians”. A “split” among libertarians on this issue? Really? I am unaware of any libertarians, other than the two Cato columnists themselves (Bandow and Krauss), who don’t view this as an “easy” issue.


10:24 am on July 30, 2003