Re: Anti-Child Government Schools

Lew:  I have long maintained that if there was but one government program I would like to see disappear, it would be the government school system.  It is the agency of indoctrination that makes possible all the other evils of the state.  Parents ought not sit around awaiting the enlightenment of other equally conditioned parents to figure out that this gross form of child abuse should go the way of hanging witches, burning infidels at the stake, and throwing young virgins into raging volcanoes. They can – assuming they love their children more than they do the state – withdraw them from the government schools and have their learning take place in child-centered private schools or home schools.  Otherwise, their children will grow up to exhibit the same vacuous thinking engaged in by government-school-educated administrators: the inability to make rational distinctions.


11:49 am on May 29, 2013