R.I.P. Cannon Hinnant

A 25-year-old black man grabbed a gun, ran across the street, and shot his 5-year-old white neighbor in the head as the boy was riding his bicycle.

Witnesses believe that the murderer was high. But he wasn’t so looped he couldn’t flee the scene. Cops (hmmm: apparently some are still on duty) arrested him the next day.

The corporate media has ignored this story because it violates their narrative—especially because a “supporter” of BLM praised the execution: “He’s white, it’s time for revenge.” So if  Mr. Anonymous hadn’t sent me the link, none of us could pray for these shattered families. The killer grew up in a “devoutly Christian” home; please beseech the Lord for his parents, too.


6:52 pm on August 13, 2020