Dear Tim:

Yes, I maintain that Typhoid Mary should have been quarantined; that Joe should be killed to save us from a Martian invasion that would mean the death of all Earthlings (but then the fate of his murderer would be in the hands of his heirs); that forced vaccines can be okay (if they can be proven to stop threats of infectious deadly diseases). But NOT because it is for the greater good of all. Rather, because these paradoxical findings stem from the basic libertarian principles of non aggression and private property rights.

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From: Tim McGraw

Sent: Saturday, July 04, 2020 2:08 AM

To: wblock@loyno.edu

Subject: Water Capitalism

Dear Walter, July 3, 2020

I’m up to page 176 in your book about water capitalism. It is an interesting read. So many difficulties in controlling or owning a fluid resource.

But as I look around today in our world in the USA, I wonder if we can even hang onto our own ownership of our bodies, ourselves. The mask mandates. The vaccine mandates. The social distancing mandates. No ownership of our bodies shown there by the state.

You have written before that you believe Typhoid Mary should have been quarantined. You believe that Joe should be killed to save us from a Martian invasion. You also have written that forced vaccines are okay? Do you believe that? If it is for the greater good of all?

A: I don’t believe in any greater good. It’s a myth.

B: Once you let the state tell you what to do (the draft, permits, masks, injections, etc.) its camel nose is under the tent of liberty and it’s game over. Those fecking camels!

C: Walter, it is so depressing to walk around our small town. The bar where I hung out for decades and told and listened to stories is now some kind of hospital waiting room of masked people. No sitting at the bar allowed.

Water capitalism doesn’t matter if we don’t own our own bodies. If we don’t own ourselves, we are slaves.

Take care,

Tim McGraw

Healdsburg, CA


2:17 am on September 11, 2020