Public School Deep Woke Indoctrination

This article alerts us to the totalitarian takeover of the public schools. It’s done by the selling of racial-gender-sexual-WOKE-equality curricula to public schools. It can only be stopped by school boards rejecting them, or by taking children out of public schools altogether.

The real libertarian goal has to be the complete elimination of government at all levels from taxing for education and coercing public education. Education has to become a completely voluntary activity. Only this can avoid its being perverted in such horrible ways as are increasingly being adopted.

The three R’s go out the window, to be replaced by

“The dynamics of privilege and power must be confronted to impact real change”.

“Students’ cultural realities and experiences must be at the center of the teaching and learning process”.

The federal (national) role in education is leveraged to promote Deep Woke (Deep Equity) by satisfying one requirement of the law: “The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires school districts that receive federal funds to utilize ‘evidence-based’ approaches that have demonstrated statistically significant positive effects on student outcomes. The Deep Equity process has been proven to make a measurable impact on student outcomes.”

Tucker Carlson has reported on this curriculum.


9:26 am on December 13, 2019