“Public Health” Totalitarianism

Despite all the blabbering about “science” by politicians who know nothing at all whatsoever about science and the scientific method, the U.S. government’s behavior regarding “COVID-19[84]” has been quintessentially unscientific.  No serious student of the scientific method believes that “truth” comes from the pronouncements of a single government bureaucrat, and that those who question the bureaucratic prounouncements should be smeared, slandered, fired from their jobs, and their careers destroyed.  But that of course is exactly what has happened.  We are all supposed to believe that a weasely little man who has never actually practiced medicine himself, who has been a tenured government bureaucrat for nearly six decades, is the sole source of all truth about “public health.”  Kind of like “The Sayer of the Law” in “The Island of Dr. Moreau.”  Or God in the Bible. Or the Witch Doctor of an ancient African tribe.  I speak of course of Tony “Heil Hitler” Fauci.

F.A. Hayek explained this particular aspect of totalitarianism in a chapter of The Road to Serfdom entitled “The End of Truth.”  In a totalitarian society, wrote Hayek, truth is not determined by the scientific method, education, research, discussion, debate, and the intellectual search for truth in general.  Instead, “truth” stems from the words and prounouncements of politicians and bureaucrats, and you had better accept their words — or else.  They will use the coercive powers of the state to punish you if you dare to dissent.

Sound familiar?



7:48 am on February 6, 2021