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And still more anecdotes and complaints about the incompetence, inconvenience and expense of the USPS!

Jean Carbonneau spent 33 years at the PO—-um, that was his job; he wasn’t waiting in line—, but he never joined its union (the PO is an “open shop,” surprisingly enough. Or perhaps not: once again, the Feds grant flexibility to their own enterprises that they deny to private ones).

Now that he’s changed from employee to customer, I asked Mr. Carbonneau what changes he’d appreciate:

first thing I’d like to see happen is eliminate Saturday letter mail and periodical deliveries.  (I’d still want them to do package delivery.)  Most letter mail and periodicals  are junk mail anyway, and most of that gets tossed, but people do love getting their packages. In fact, the carriers letter cases on Saturdays would be full of mail that had to be delivered on Monday.  In other words, they took out less mail than what they received.   That will probably not happen due to the letter carrier union.  

A friendly amendment: abolish the USPS entirely, not just Saturday’s mail.

He also testified to the PO’s ineptitude: 

…on a particular April 15th, the main office here in Portland ME, which is the busiest office in the entire state, had only 1 clerk working for the entire day.  No wonder people now file electronically.  

From Sweden, Henrik testifies to the ease of receiving correspondence and packages when the central government doesn’t monopolize their delivery:

…I haven’t seen a post office in years. We get packages delivered to the grocery stores, which hand them out at a special counter. Or at the tobacco stores. If you have to wait for a minute or two during the busiest hours, no need to stand in line, as you take a number.

When you order something online from a business, such as the pharmacies which were privatized in 2009, you have the option to have it delivered by the postal service to one of these outlets, or by a private firm, and you can always choose a location in your town. Some of the locations are boxes at malls, where you type in a code to open the box with your package, with no counter to deal with.

The postal service still has buildings for private post boxes that you can hire permanently, though I don’t know why you would have one. For your business, I guess. …

As a side note, every American, Canadian or Briton who comes to Sweden for studies or work is a leftist. Unlike e.g. Chinese students. The Anglos have all heard of the socialist paradise. Sweden’s economic prosperity was never created by monopolies, it was created by great inventions in private businesses like Volvo and IKEA, Astra and Electrolux. The English speakers who move here must be disappointed, or they will just tell themselves that society works because of the social democrat government, not despite of it. The universities are as leftist as in the U.S., which is no coincidence; all the “sociology” textbooks and similar are written by U.S. professors, except for some local knockoffs who use the same propaganda words and thinking peddled by American universities and Hollywood. It is the U.S. that is the center of leftism in the West, not Sweden.

There may be more tragic sentences than that last, but you’d search long and hard to find them.

Finally, the PO and the White House are joining their diabolical forces for a scheme so monumentally foolish and wasteful it sounds like a parody:

President Joe Biden said Tuesday the White House will “probably” move to send face masks directly to Americans as the country continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.

I don’t know about you, but I am always the only shopper without a mask; clearly, none of the Morons have any trouble procuring diapers. Meanwhile, the nation is how many trillions in debt? And the Usurper hopes to waste another $2 trillion of our stolen dollars on UBI–sorry, “direct payments to most Americans” and—of course—special interests.

Yet none of these considerations even appear on Our Rulers’ radar, let alone have power to slow this train-wreck.

[This absurd mailing is] a plan originally proposed by health officials during the Trump administration but was blocked by the former President.

Yet another debt we owe Trump, along with his war on Critical Race Theory and his preventing Hildebeast from reigning over us: thank you, Mr. President-in-Exile! Or, as David Mueller, who sent me this story, scoffed,

Can you imagine just how dumb that conversation was in the White House which came up with the idea of sending everyone a face mask?

Instead of something useful such as Vitamin D3 and zinc, ‘Ol Sniffer hit on the profundity of a face mask.  

I think millions of those things are going to get sent right back to the dog house. 

Toss some rabies in the package while you’re at it.


2:54 pm on February 25, 2021

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