Pro-War Faction of California American Independent Party Picked by Sec. of State: Keyes Repaces Baldwin on Ballot

Following a split in the California American Independent Party, the Secretary of State has decided that the pro-war faction is the legal party on the ballot in the state. The result of this decision is that pro-war demagogue Alan Keyes will be on the California ballot and Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin will not.

The two factions held separate state conventions. The larger convention was the pro-Baldwin group, but the pro-Keyes faction was headed by the outgoing state chair, Ed Noonan. The Secretary of State said the office has no knowledge of who was at either convention, and of which convention had the larger attendance of state central committee members. The office made their decision based on the fact that Ed Noonan is listed in the records as the state chair.

It is too late for the Baldwin campaign to organize a petition drive, so their only recourse is to file suit, which they are expected to do.

Thanks to Ballot Access News for the news tip.


7:54 pm on July 21, 2008