Primal Weight Loss

Writes Lawson Clark:

While I’ve experienced many changes for the better since first finding LRC, none is quite as visible as the change to my waistline after ordering The Primal Blueprint through your site six weeks ago. Since then I’ve shed 28 pounds—and there’s a whole lot more space for other things in my garden too, since I don’t have to plant potatoes or field corn this year! Once again, you have my deepest thanks and appreciation.

UPDATE from Jason Young:

I bought The Primal Blueprint when it was promoted on your site and I’ve lost 15 pounds since then, and I haven’t even followed it to the letter. The one week I followed it to the letter I lost 4lbs. I felt a lot better that week too. I’ve had a lot of events and parties the past month that kept me surrounded with all sorts of processed foods, grains, and dairy products, so it has been hard to resist the temptation to eat on someone else’s dime even if it’s not healthy.

UPDATE from Travis Steward:

Regarding The Primal Blueprint: I’m down 25 pounds, with more energy than ever! I’m so glad I found Mark’s approach to health, anchored in the logic of evolutionary biology rather than the musing of overpaid academics and their silly empirical observations!

There’s sure something to this a priori approach to knowledge, eh?!

Writes David Green, MD:

Your several posts about Primal Blueprint success has prompted me to write to thank you again for your work.

I was, until recently, a public school educated father of 3, suffering from obesity, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes.

Since I stumbled across LRC in the late spring of 2008, I have:

Read a lot of economics, and can now read and listen to MSM reports and read essays with a significantly more critical eye. I now can use the terms “liberal,” “conservative,” “corporatist,” and “statist” correctly.

Disenfranchised myself intellectually from the American two-party political system.

Changed Federal Reserve notes to about one quarter ounce of gold every month.

Joined Sons of Confederate Veterans (a recent genealogy project with my dad led me to discover that I am directly lineally descended from 6 Confederate veterans. If it weren’t for Tom DiLorenzo and Clyde Wilson, I might have been ashamed of my own heritage — I had a New York State public school education, what do you expect? I am fiercely proud of it instead, thanks to LRC).

Thanks to LRC, Karen DeCoster, and the Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint, I am down 23 lbs since February, no longer hypertensive or diabetic, and am well on the way to looking my best in many years.

I could go on and on. Thank you.


10:08 am on May 27, 2010