Why Do We Pretend That It Matters?

Were an earthquake to strike China, killing 50 million people, I doubt that the mainstream media would give more than cursory comment about the event. “THE” important news story continues to be the one that takes up seemingly 90% of media attention: who will win the presidency this November? It’s not that the outcome of this election truly matters to the well-being of most Americans – the more astute seem to understand that no matter who you vote for, the government always gets elected. Like the post-World War II French governments whose administrations rose and fell on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis, the bureaucracy will keep the established order in operation. What DOES matter to the corporate-state owners of the political system is that members of the boobeoisie continue to believe in the need for the system, and for the voting process to confirm a collective faith in it. To this end, it doesn’t matter what the policies and issues are in any national election: the “pledge of allegiance,” or the parole of Willy Horton, have sufficed as excuses to head to the voting booths.

More recently, the “crucial” issues have come down to certifying the pecking-order of groups whose solidarity assures the conflicts that are contributing to the destruction of society. In 2008, the central question was whether America would have its first black president, after which few people really cared what his policies would entail, lest they be accused of bringing “racism” into politics. In 2016, the insignificant question has to do with whether we shall have our first woman president, with charges of “sexism” awaiting any critics of her policies (if she gets elected). What future categories await the 2024, and 2032 elections? Will the opportunity to elect the first openly gay president, or the first transgender president, dominate the thinking to which Boobus will be asked to decide? And what of that category of people so long overlooked – doubtless because of size differences – namely, the “Little People”? Might an erstwhile resident of the Munchkin Village be found to help rectify the centuries-old wrongs that continue to define America?

If the candidate for whom you vote this November is able to improve the quality of your life in any way – e.g., to remove restrictions on your life, to reduce your taxes, to make your world more peaceful and cooperative, to brighten the futures of your children and/or grandchildren – would you please write me with the specifics of what was accomplished?


8:12 pm on May 13, 2016

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