The Powder Keg Of The POTUS

Everyone knows I’m no fan of Trump. He’s running a nepotistic regime that looks like a reality TV talent show for wanna-be generalissimos. “Dancing With The Despots” or some dang thing. But when I hear “the worst president ever” and “the Democrats self-regulate and would never allow a Democrat president to do what Trump does”, I need to point out a few things.

Number One. The founder of the Democratic Party, Andrew Jackson, sent the Cherokee and four other tribes, on a winter death march to Oklahoma during the Trail of Tears. Thousands died. Democratic Party did not self-regulate and stop this from the very beginning of their party.

Number Two: Democratic president FDR carted thousands of Japanese-Americans, US citizens, to concentration camps during World War Two. They lost businesses and homes. On top of the massive civil rights and human rights violation and breaking of United States law by the president. Democratic Party did not self-regulate and stop this.

Number Three: Democratic president LBJ entered the United States into the Vietnam War where 58,000 Americans and 3 million Vietnamese died. The United States signed a cease fire, North Vietnam took over South Vietnam and the entire war was nothing but a senseless waste of life. Democratic Party did not self-regulate and stop this.

Then there’s this: At this time, many Democrats are demanding we “get tough” with Russia. Saying we’re under attack, our nuclear facilities are threatened, we need to defend ourselves, and even quoting Reagan on top of that. As if they liked Bedtime For Bonzo Ronald Reagan back in the day. Democratic Party is not self-regulating and refraining from the warmongering. So what, therefore, is likely to happen if a Democrat is elected in 2020? Very likely a war with Russia or a proxy war with them somewhere else, which is what the Vietnam War was.

And a Republican will not do anything different in 2020 but find a war to get into. Or, failing that, start one. If Trump doesn’t get us into one in the meantime. This is why the Founding Fathers warned us of having a standing army. Because when you have one, the temptation to use it is overwhelming for people without moral character, which is who inevitably end up as president of the United States for quite some time now. Because, surprise! These political parties DO NOT self-regulate! We’re all sitting on a powder keg right now and both parties want their turn playing with matches.


1:29 pm on July 10, 2017