Pot Kettle Black

I can’t take it anymore. After hearing foes of big government slandered by the liberal press for their alleged racism, can I just point out that Obama won the Democratic nomination because of blatantly racial voting by blacks in the primaries? (This is the probable explanation for why a guy who virtually tied Hillary in the raw vote was always ahead in delegates. Hill would win a CD and split the delegates; Obama would win all the delegates in black CDs.) Obama won as much as 90% of the black vote against a fellow liberal Democrat who spent decades courting black voters. I don’t recall the liberal press ever doing features on “racist” black voters discriminating against Hillary based on her skin color.

Update: Memory did serve me correctly. Hill had more votes than Obama which means that racial voting put him over the top. Take that MSM! Also, that racial voting was engaged in by millions. In sharp contrast, the MSM relies on ten signs at a huge rally—signs that may have been a false flag operation—to label a whole movement racist. Keep up the great works guys.


7:50 am on September 19, 2009