Possibility of Korea Peace and Real, Live Statesmanship

North and South Korea are taking steps that lead to signing a peace treaty that will end the Korean War. (See here and here.)

This news suggests real, live statesmanship is at work between the leaders of the North and South. It suggests too that Trump played a significant part in this outbreak of statesmanship, because he’s scheduled to meet Kim Jong-un on April 27. Wisdom and skill in handling public affairs, even if for only a portion of the Empire’s affairs, are always welcome.

Bargaining will be tough. The outcome of peace is not at all assured. Sticking points like denuclearization and missiles could torpedo the attainment of peace. There is room for a lot more real, live statesmanship.

The incentives for both Koreas and Trump are to reach an agreement. The two Koreas want to avoid war. Trump can use a victory that will disarm his critics, left and right, and enhance his pull. Mind you, his critics will, even in the event of peace, not be disarmed. They’ll continue their anti-Trump barrage, but their attacks on success in Korea will isolate them further from voters.


12:37 pm on April 17, 2018