The Police-State Throws a Tantrum

A driver in Indianapolis failed to signal her turn and also failed to stop so badged bullies could rob her after this dire infraction (“I was not running away from them,” she explained but was rather heading home). When cops finally caught up with her, they beat her “like she is a rag doll … seriously injur[ing]” her .

All I know is that I was on the ground,” said the victim of her violent arrest during which her assailants “tackled” her. “I felt a punch in the back of my head. I felt a kick to my face and someone stepping on my hands and feet…”

She “was not resisting, and in fact, appeared to be unconscious for a spell as other officers joined in on the melee. She was kicked, kneed, punched, and the life nearly squeezed out of her as police piled on top…” That’s multiple men ganging up against one woman. Thank you, Feminism, for legitimating such brutality. The lady suffered “torn ligaments, knocked out teeth, and a fractured bone in her face,” with medical bills amounting to $80,000.

I’m grateful to DaveForTexas, who’s undoubtedly glad he lives far from Indianapolis (not that Texas’ thugs are any better, alas), for alerting me to this story.


11:17 am on September 21, 2017