• Piss Off, Pistole

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    I almost fell off my chair at this headline in the Los Angeles Slimes: “Get rid of the TSA?

    Yeah, it’s a question, not the imperative it should be. And a disclaimer immediately follows it (“The agency’s chief says not so fast.” No, seriously? John “The Pervert” Pistole refuses to relinquish his power and press conferences and lavish salary and staff of flunkeys?) Still, it’s a good day for liberty when the lamestream press must admit that the TSA’s weary victims—excuse me, “critics,” in Slimes-speak, want to “do away” with aviation’s Gestapo.

    Rather than pursuing that intriguing possibility, the Slimes instead affords Pervert yet another opportunity to spew propaganda. Which hasn’t changed since the Feds orchestrated 9/11 and then, eight weeks later, trotted out the TSA from where it had been waiting in the wings for just that event, to wit, “Terrorists [unofficial ones, not those the American sheeple elect to office] are out to kill you. TSA is all that stands between you and a bloody death at 30,000 feet.”

    Blah, blah, blah.  It isn’t until the interview closes that the Slimes reverts to its original question about “doing away” with the TSA. The Perv dismisses that sensible suggestion as anti-government fanaticism: “There will always be some people who don’t see the utility or value added of the TSA or any government agency.” Yep, that would be me and you and the multitudes the TSA, NSA, Child Welfare Services, cops, Obummercare, et al, have so handily if accidentally recruited to the cause of freedom. But there are also a great many folks who advocate Big Government and still want to “do away” with the TSA. As usual, the Perv is nothing if not disingenuous.

    He continued, “If we granted these people their wishes and did away with the TSA, what an opportunity for the terrorists to take advantage of. It would only take one plane to get blown up or hijacked for people to say, ‘Wait a minute, where was security?’” Indeed. That’s what happens when DC, its house-organs such as the Slimes, and the public educational gulag work tirelessly for over a century to dumb taxpayers down. Most Americans do think the government should protect them, not their liberty. Most attribute divine power to Our Rulers, believing that bureaucrats can render life completely safe and blaming lack of regulation for any and all unpleasantness. Few assume the responsibility to safeguard themselves and their families. But the TSA doesn’t get a pass to molest us just because Progressivism has infantilized Americans.

    As its final question, the Slimes asks, “The other alternative [to shuttering the TSA, oh, blessed thought] would be going back to the system we had before 9/11 where airlines did their own security screening. What about that?”

    Even if this fallacy is a common one, it’s still false. Which means the Slimes is either ignorant or misleading; in either case, we must wonder why any reader trusts it. The FAA mandated, minutely regulated, and designed those “security screenings.” Yes, the airlines, i.e., their passengers, paid for that dog-and-pony show, but the same rulers that bring us the dangerous and degrading TSA brought us pre-9/11 “security,” too.

    So does Perv try to set the record straight? Because even if the Slimes’ reporter doesn’t know basic facts about aviation’s security, the Perv surely does. Ah, but why correct such a useful lie? Instead, Perv falls back on the Nuremberg Excuse: “I’m just following congressional mandates. … That’s what I would say to those folks: ‘OK, if you want to do away with the TSA, then what’s your solution?’ It’s easy to be the armchair quarterback.”

    Especially when you’re leading the opposing team, you moronic Perv.  The solution is obvious and has been out there for years. But don’t expect Our Rulers, let alone the power-hungry Perv or his accomplices at the Slimes, to embrace it.


    12:59 pm on August 5, 2014