Pelosi’s Psychology

“‘He’s not going to get a wall,’ Ms. Pelosi said in a recent interview. ‘But he has to recognize, we are the first branch, Article 1, the legislative branch, and we’re here not as a rubber stamp to the executive branch but are coequal to him.'”

The Speaker of the House and third in line for the office of President, Nancy Pelosi, demands recognition of equality of Congress, as if Trump were a fool who didn’t already know that Congress exists. This is exactly the sort of touchy-feely, vaporous, emotionally-based rhetoric of equality and “rights” that Democrats habitually invoke whenever they attempt to justify anything they’re after. Exactly how is Trump supposed to recognize this? Is he supposed abjectly to tell America that Pelosi is number one in the number one branch of government? Is he supposed to apologize for thinking that Congress is a rubber stamp? Has he tweeted that sentiment?

Pelosi has declared herself queen of the first branch of government.

Pelosi used the words “He” and “him”, instead of referring to Trump’s office by “President” and “Presidency”. She placed her challenge on a personal basis.

Pelosi accused Trump of denigrating Congress and treating it like a second-class citizen, again falling into an habitual way of thinking of Democrats. The Democrats always make much of aggrieved people, victims, and people whose sensitivities are being invaded by speech. Democrats always act as if they have discovered massive invasions of rights against which they are the sole defenders.

Pelosi denies funding for a wall, but if Trump is indeed co-equal, why not accommodate the main thing he ran and got elected on?

The main answer is the politics of immigration, which comes down to votes of immigrants. Pelosi also believes that Democrats will benefit by blaming the shutdown on Trump. At the same time, Pelosi displays pettiness, anger, hatred and bitterness in her denial of funding.

Pelosi has thrown down the gauntlet. She wants to castrate Trump by forcing him to retreat and cower in submission. She really does not believe that he is even co-equal. She believes what she says, that Congress is first, not only in the constitutional script but in terms of dominance. And since she heads the House, she deems herself America’s number one leader. As such, she intends to put this president in his place.


12:05 pm on January 1, 2019