Peak Democratic Desperation a.k.a. Crybaby Temper Tantrum

Democrats file suit alleging Russia, Trump campaign, WikiLeaks conspired to interfere in 2016 campaign”

Crybabies decide to use the legal system to avenge their defeat. Their suit is frivolous based on everything we now know about what actually occurred in 2016, which has to do with a Democratic and Deep State conspiracy to stop Trump. The judge should toss this one out of court.

The political idea behind it is to rally the party’s supporters for the mid-term elections. What else do they have to keep them going except hatred of Trump and now Russia? Oh, they also have Assange and Wikileaks to lash out at. When the Democrats can’t find a legitimate target and turn against a man who has brought us a breath of transparency air, revealing the dirty work of the West behind the Libyan War, they are showing their true colors, petty, pathetic and worthless. I leave it to Laurence Vance to lance the boil that is the Republican Party.


7:10 pm on April 20, 2018