“Paying taxes is the most dangerous part of selling legal weed”

Even when Leviathan partially restores our inalienable right to buy and sell as we please, it still ruins markets.

Government’s greed for our money requires that entrepreneurs supplying marijuana pay Our Rulers off monthly. That’s exceedingly dangerous in a business transpiring almost entirely in cash and without banks, thanks to the Feds’ prohibiting marijuana regardless of how many states rescind these absurd laws. Ergo, owners of shops and dispensaries must deliver hundreds of thousands of literal dollars to City Hall every few weeks, paranoid the entire time that unofficial thieves will plunder them before official ones do.

Tragically, the victims themselves don’t get it. As one tax-cow reached City Hall carrying a fortune in cash, he “spotted a police officer [sic for ‘thieves’ enforcer since politicians and bureaucrats lack the cojones to rob us themselves’] walking across the plaza – an instant source of comfort.” Nope: the source of all our problems, buddy.


11:12 am on August 4, 2017