Patriots Flying High

Congrats to the fourteen Patriots Alaska Airlines has banned! 

Last night, a number of passengers on board Alaska Airlines Flight 1085 from Washington Dulles to Seattle were non-mask compliant, rowdy, argumentative and harassed our crew members,” an airline rep said in a statement.

What’s wrong with the other passengers? Why didn’t they tear their masks off in solidarity with the Freedom Fourteen? I swear, cowards that craven deserve all the misery that the Usurper can dish out.

But back to the airline’s spokesliar:

“At least 14 passengers could now be placed on our ban list for their actions, 

Unless those passengers boycott you first, you insufferable cattle-chute. When did commercial aviation stop being transportation and become Nanny Ratched? 

meaning they face the possibility of not being able to fly with us in the future. We will not tolerate any disturbance onboard our aircraft or at any of the airports we serve.”

Oh, stuff it. I bet you’d not only tolerate but encourage disturbance, were BLM or antifa onboard. 

Meanwhile, at Reagan National, more patriots dogged the disgusting and reprehensible Lindsey “Light in his Loafers” Graham Cracker with shouts of “Traitor to the country,” “Audit the vote,” and “You don’t represent us!” 

I nominate both cell-phone videos for “Best Picture”! You wanna laugh joyously, watch these Patriots declaring war on Our Rulers!


9:49 pm on January 8, 2021