Parties Take Opposite Directions: Lockdowns vs. Re-Open

Democrats and Republicans are taking two opposing directions on American life. Democrats want to extend lockdowns. Republicans want to reopen America.

These opposing directions are exemplified by their reactions to the news that Trump and Pence intend to disband the coronavirus task force this month. Hillary Clinton said it should be maintained indefinitely and that to do otherwise means there is no plan except to make Americans suffer. By contrast, conservative leaders have urged a second coronavirus task force to manage reopening America.

Democrats have clearly revealed their political aim of blaming Trump and Republicans for the virus deaths and for the dire economy. Keeping Americans in lockdown mode serves the political purpose of placing Republicans on defense. The Democratic idea is to turn Republicans into killers. Theirs is a hate campaign. Its symbol is that Trump is killing Americans. Pelosi has already said this.

Factions within the Democrats also want to maintain the lockdowns so as to promote agenda items like Green New Deal, Medicare for all, and universal basic income. This is called “transforming” America. It’s actually deforming America and further crippling the country.

In so many words, Democrats want to “Keep America Sick”, “Keep America Afraid”, “Keep America Masked”, “Keep Americans Unemployed”, “Keep Americans Locked Down”, “Keep Americans Indoors”, and “Drive Americans Crazy”. In the meantime they will cavort on their private beaches while eating gourmet ice cream and pass spending bills that raise indebtedness to bankruptcy levels.

Political campaigns often descend into baseness. The Democrats’ attempt to benefit at the expense of the lives of tens, even hundreds, of millions of our countrymen is evil.

The Democrats’ defense that they propose to save lives by keeping Americans out of work is meritless. Vulnerable people who are mainly among the older with compromised health can be protected without disabling hundreds of millions of the healthy. Lockdowns are themselves unhealthy and the cause of deaths from other causes, including suicides and tuberculosis. Food shortages are appearing already, and numerous dislocations that negatively affect health and longevity are the consequences of enforced unemployment.


8:55 am on May 6, 2020