Part III in Our Continuing Series on Statists’ Stupidity

I recently read this quote in a book on World War II:

As the history of Nazi Germany so emphatically shows, racism’s “logic” ultimately entails genocide, for if you take seriously the idea that one race endangers the well-being of another, the only way to remove that menace completely is to do away, once and for all, with everyone and everything that embodies it.
 — John K. Roth 

Seriously? Are statists truly this incapable of reasoning?

I know many racists, and I bet you do, too. Some black folks believe whites “endanger their well-being,” and Jews often claim Gentiles do. WASPs once tried—but now fail, in this totalitarian nation—to exclude from their associations those they suspected of “endangering their well-being,” and various Puerto Ricans are so convinced everyone else “endangers their well-being” that they stick together in the barrio. I was vastly amused when I once stumbled across a Chinese-American chat-room in which participants from a certain section of China accused those from other areas of “endangering their well-being.” It seems that even in a relatively homogenous culture where most people’s skin is the same color, sinful man will still find reasons to despise his fellows created in God’s image.

Yet none of this preference for one’s own kind “ultimately entails” genocide. Indeed, exceedingly few of these “racists” have killed an individual of any ethnicity, let alone many of one type.

No, the indispensable ingredient required for mass-murder is government. Only the State can marshal the force needed to exterminate millions. And until its devotees admit this salient fact, all their hand-wringing over WWII’s slaughter and “racism” won’t change a thing.

But abolishing government certainly will.


1:07 pm on July 16, 2015