Paranoid SPLC on Common Core Critics

Well, the Southern Poverty Law Center has issued a report to remind the rest of us just how paranoid the people there really are. They are now focusing on critics of Obama’s Common Core educational intrusions, asserting that critics of the rancid program are mainly from the “Christian Right.” So given all the states that are withdrawing from the Common Core standards (or lack thereof), there must be a LOT of “right-wing Christians” in all those states protesting Obama’s program of school idiocy.

Perhaps the SPLC flunkies didn’t look into the data-mining aspect of these federal intrusions, how the feds plan to track the children with a “womb-to-tomb dossier,” thanks to Common Core. Or how Obama, the UN and Bill Gates want to globalize education using Common Core as their main vehicle. And it figures that the anti-individual rights SPLC would support a program such as Common Core which aims to rewrite the Bill of Rights especially the 2nd Amendment so that there really are no more rights to protect. But mainly the point of Common Core is to further dumb down the kids. Just look at how they want to teach math now. It’s important that we get the kids to become future adults who will be even more unthinkingly obedient brainwashed zombies to support the Regime and its fascist intrusions into the people’s lives, you know. But the SPLC thinks that it’s mainly the “Christian Right” who doesn’t want imbeciles, pervs and misfits teaching the kids and dumbing them down to a vegetative state.

So no wonder the feds are warning the states to back off on their criticisms and protests. Or else. This is just like ObamaCare, and other intrusive and fascist programs inflicted on us by central planners. The more centralized some program is, the more negative “unintended consequences” there will be, and the more harmful and destructive, intrusive and draconian they are as well. In my view, if you want better education and better critically thinking future adults, education needs to be decentralized, and homeschooling needs to be encouraged. Get the government out of the education business completely! (But I don’t think the government-worshiping SPLC would approve of that idea.)


12:31 pm on May 12, 2014

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