One Unintended Consequence of the Lockdown

A Nashville bum with a court-recorded history of attacking police officers and serial vandalism attacked two people with a machete at a public storage unit, apparently lopping off an arm or two.  The perpetrator told police that he was frustrated that the homeless shelter had imposed entrance restrictions because of the COVID-19 lockdown/house arrest policy of the city government.

Perhaps Nashville’s Democrat Mayor John Cooper, who has proposed a 32% property tax increase to make up for his policy of shutting down almost all businesses in the city, should adopt a California-style policy regarding the bums and criminals in his homeless shelters.  That is, put them in city hotels where they can each have a private room to stay in, and give them heroine, pot, cocaine, etc. so that they won’t be out on the streets giving each other the corona cold virus.

(I have a stepdaughter who lives in “The Gulch,” a ritzy part of Nashville that is two blocks from the “shelter” where this bum apparently resides (ten minutes from Broadway, Blake Shelton’s bar, etc.).  I would recommend this hotel, right across the street from my stepdaughter’s condo and only a few blocks from the shelter, for the new Nashville COVID-19 what-to-do-about-all-the-bums policy).


10:01 am on May 18, 2020