What Are the Odds?

Peter Neffenger, “[t]he head of the Transportation Security Administration[,] was coincidentally in the Brussels airport on the day of the bombings” last month. “Coincidentally.” Riiiiiiiight.

He was supposedly “meeting with European counterparts…” If you believe that, I’ve got a story about Moslem terrorists flying planes into buildings because they hate our freedoms.

Meanwhile, either Our Rulers are so arrogant they no longer worry that we’ll dismiss the attacks in Belgium as false-flags, or they figure exploiting the tragedy is worth it. Witness Neffenger strutting his stuff to the US Seniles-sorry, Senate yesterday: “We arrived right as the bombs detonated … I will tell you being there that day, seeing the devastation, seeing the chaos of the airport environment and the evil behind it was a stark reminder of the importance of the work we do every day to protect travelers.”

Cue the violins. And the next time you waste hours in line at the airport awaiting gate-rape, remember that Our Rulers justify groping you in part because the TSA’s Chief Perv just so happened to hit Brussels as the bombs did.


10:01 am on April 7, 2016