Objectivists on Bandow

Well there are many things that could be said re the Bandow scandal–that it was unethical; that it is overblown; that it is sad; that it is unsurprising given the temptations from being in the Beltway… but leave it to the Objectivists to find the dumbest analysis, using cliched pet Objectivist terms: In this post, an Objectivist implies that Bandow’s error has something to do with his “Christian libertarianism,” and that this comes out of “the moral subjectivism common in the libertarian movement”. Oh Please. When I read those stock-phrases like “moral subjectivism” and the tired old repetitions of Rand’s little pet personal preferences and opinions about libertarians and Christians, my eyes glaze over.


12:41 pm on December 18, 2005