Obama’s Wound?

The NSA spying has the potential to become a very big scandal because it reaches in so many directions, including the media. It is certainly orders of magnitude more important and far-reaching than the Watergate scandal. But will it wound Obama? Will it shake up his administration? Will the presstitutes sink their long-dulled teeth into this one? Within the Congress, will criticism emerge? Will the heroic Edward Snowden’s revelations be the catalyst? As of this moment, a google search on Edward Snowden gives 1,410,000 results. Snowden’s bombshell was dropped after Obama had gone national with the opposite assurances (lies).  Obama has to respond. I expect he will attempt to pillory Snowden as he has done to other whistleblowers. He will do this without anger but with sternness and appeals to the law, national security, “our enemies”, and so on. He will appear ever the president of reason who is above the fray. Obama’s cover up will be right out in the open and astonishing for that reason.

While appearing publicly reasonable, I expect Obama already to have ordered the extraordinary rendition of Edward Snowden, if it can possibly be done. It would not be out of the question for CIA hit men to be after him now. I expect Snowden to be smeared in every way possible. Snowden’s kidnapping or murder  would be an historical event with huge consequences. I hope he has covered his tracks thoroughly.


4:42 pm on June 9, 2013