Obamacare Probably Here To Stay

Well, the court has ruled the travel ban is a dead fish. Why can’t Trump let this travel ban go? Is it ego? Somewhat, but something more.  This is a great distraction to avoid working on the real issues many people voted him in for. Already, there is a rising “town hall” movement to shout down Republicans and demand Obamacare be kept. Including the individual mandate. Now, we’ve seen this movie before. This is carbon-copy of the Tea Party town hall protests against Obamacare. From that, Obama and the Democrats were able to wiggle free of what they were elected to do, which was provide universal health care. That’s what they promised—a European type of national health care. But what got delivered was that they “had to work within the existing system”. And they also garnered the ability to blame the Republicans and the Tea Party roadblocking an actual universal health care system, even though they had the power to push it through.

We are now seeing the sequel to this movie. I think the travel ban shindig is to buy time for the Anti-Tea of the Left to build up steam. Then once they hit enough Republicans with outrage about scrapping Obamacare, watch how quick the Republicans repeat that old song of “We have to work within the existing system…” That being, the existing system of Obamacare. I’ve already seen quotes from people at these town hall meetings saying the individual mandate MUST be kept. Why? Because “…the healthy need to lift up the sick…” Aha. That was the thinking behind the individual mandate. It’s also the thinking behind state lotteries, too, by the way.

I suspect Obamacare will not be repealed but actually morphed into a Republican Trumpcare plan and the individual mandate will be kept. The Republicans will say, “We had to work within the existing system of Obamacare, and there was public outrage against scrapping it, the Democrats and Anti-Tea blocked us, blah, blah, blah…” But in the meantime, it will be endless distractions over this travel ban and they’ll all appear to be concentrating on getting it up to the Supreme Court. Which, conveniently, there’s a new Supreme Court Justice nominee fight about to begin with. They can kick the Obamacare can down the road for at least a year. Then, in another year, with voter outrage, people will sweep in Democrats that will conveniently block any attempts to scrap Obamacare or replace it. The Republicans will put forth a plan and the Democrats will say, “Great, but the individual mandate must be kept. You have to work with the existing system…” The Republicans will then tell us all, “We had to pass it to see what was in it…”

Look, Trump is not what his supporters think. If he cared, Job One would be scrapping the individual mandate of Obamacare while the time to do so was available. People have bought into this whole fear of “The Terrorists” which is federal government SOP to distract the sheeple. The whole “Fear these people” is so old, the reruns are in syndication during daytime TV on the “off-brand” channels along with Gunsmoke, Bonanza, and the Twilight Zone. (Three TV show titles that could also describe the United States government.) Yeah, well, lots of people are going to pay the tax penalty this year and probably next year, too. The people who voted for Trump over economic reasons will not see a change in their situation. Boo-yah! Ya done been had.


11:33 am on February 10, 2017